Taur: Rebels, Sentinels, and Trade Mechanics Introduced in Update 1.3

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Taur is an exciting sci-fi game that mixes certain elements from popular genres, such as tower defense and real-time strategy. Your mission is to protect the planet of Taurea from the evil Imperion forces. You will use a huge prime cannon that can be upgraded over time to make it more powerful. Secondary weapons are also available at your disposal should you need more firepower.

That said, Taur received Update 1.3 recently, and it is a pretty big one. It introduces three new mechanics, namely Rebels, Sentinels, and Trade.

Let’s start with the Rebels - a collection of infantry units that you can recruit into one of three platoons for free. While they’re initially weak, you can turn them into formidable fighters by investing in their tech tree.

Sentinels are powerful and expensive units that can be deployed on any mission. Because they’re so strong, only one Sentinel can be deployed at a time. Sentinel units include the Paladin heavy tank and the Avenger capital ship.

While the last mechanic does not involve new attack units, the trade mechanic allows you to buy and sell resources from various trade groups.

Here are the new mechanics in a nutshell:

  • Rebel volunteer groups arrive periodically in the new Rebels > Platoons campaign screen and can be recruited into one of three platoons, at no cost
  • A single platoon may be freely deployed to any mission as combat reinforcements
  • Platoons can gain or lose morale depending on the battle outcome and the number of units killed in action
  • Platoon morale can greatly affect reload speed, melee speed, and accuracy of its units
  • Rebel units, unlike regular military units, sustain damage taken in combat and must be repaired over time to regain full health
  • Sentinels are powerful but expensive individual units that can be unlocked and upgraded in the new Sentinels > Paladin/Avenger campaign screens
  • A single Sentinel unit, once unlocked, may be freely deployed to any mission as combat reinforcements alongside the Taur
  • If killed in battle, the Sentinel will be unavailable for deployment until its health has been fully restored
  • The new Trade campaign screen allows for buying or selling resources with different trade groups
  • Trade groups have their own supply of resources, which is resupplied over time
  • Each trade group has a price modifier which affects the cost of resources when buying and the value of resources when selling
  • Trade groups have their own traits, some of which may cause the price modifier to improve or deteriorate following certain campaign outcomes

The full patch notes for Update 1.3 can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

Taur is available on PC.

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