Surviving Mars Below & Beyond: Content Update 2 Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements

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Surviving Mars recently received the Below & Beyond: Content Update 2. The developers implemented some gameplay improvements and bug fixes in this update.

This update made a small change to the Landing system. From now on, rovers and drones loaded into the Lander Rockets will drop resources that are still being carried. You can now see Asteroid Landers take off when they automatically launch at the last second when an asteroid becomes out of range.

The developers also fixed an issue where the Lander Rocket occasionally gets a “waiting for maintenance” status after a request, while it was still able to return to Mars if the asteroid goes out of range.

Surviving Mars Below & Beyond: Content Update 2

Gameplay Improvements
  • The Cargo UI shows an explanation of how the auto mode works for Asteroid Landers and the Elevator.
  • Waste Rock can now be transported.
  • Truly Universal Depot: The Universal Depot now includes the DLC resources, depending on which DLCs you have; Seeds if you have Green Planet and Exotic Minerals if you have Below & Beyond.
  • Changed the Recon & Expansion tech tree order; Underground Domes and the Recon Center are unlocked earlier, while the Drone Hub Extender is unlocked later.
  • Added an asteroid-specific skin for the RC Dozer.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the lander rocket having the status “not enough full” even when the tank is full
  • Fixed fuel filling the lander rocket resetting to 0 when editing the payload
  • Fixed Micro-G mining buildings not taking resource grade into account
  • Fixed MDS lasers not working if the player is on another map
  • Fixed "Rocket can't land during dust storms" warning showing on Asteroids for Landers in orbit
  • Fixed cargo rockets duplicating if they are sent on an expedition and the launch is canceled
  • Fixed cave-ins spawning on walls
  • Fixed cave-ins spawning at the same angle so that the player sees the pattern
  • Fixed cave-ins disappearing when canceling the clear operation using the RC Dozer
  • Fixed drones getting stuck on the Bottomless Pit after the Bottomless Pit Lab is salvaged
  • Fixed freezing when the Underground Marsquake is occurring in the mid and late-game stage
  • Fixed Colonist and Tourism top bar tooltip defining colonists as "stored"
  • Fixed the bottom textures of a Dome remaining after prefabbing
  • Fixed the Exotic Minerals icon not showing in the Production tab for the asteroid's extractors
  • Fixed Underground Domes not changing color when changing building colors

You can read more about the update here.

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