Surviving the Aftermath: New Scenarios and Improved Custom Game Mode in Free Update 3

Free Update 3
Free Update 3 Steam

Surviving the Aftermath has received a pretty massive update recently. Free Update 3 brings new scenarios, enhanced custom game mode, and various improvements.

Scenarios provide new themes and twists, making the game more challenging than the basic formula. That said, two new scenarios have been added. The first is “Cold Rush” where your main objective is to get out of the permanent winter storm by any means necessary. The second scenario, Eternal Winter, forces you to make tough decisions. For instance, how will you survive in an environment where open field farming is not possible? Moreover, how will you manage your settlement if the harsh winter conditions take a constant toll on your colonists?

Free Update 3 brings a better custom game mode, complete with dozens of new settings to suit your playstyle. Do you want a more laid-back approach to playing Surviving the Aftermath? You can do just that by disabling catastrophes, for example. If you want a more challenging experience, you can disable childbirth or perhaps adjust food nutrition to increase the overall difficulty. The choice is entirely up to you. Since you have full control, achievements are disabled in the custom game mode.


Map Seed
  • The ability to select the Map Seed has also been added to the pregame settings for the Normal Game
  • Using a specific Map Seed will allow you to have the exact same colony, world map, and pregame settings as in a previous game
  • Once you have the Map Seed you wish to apply in your next game, you can edit this in the Summary page of the Pregame Selections when starting the new game
Statistics Overview Page
  • We’ve clarified the Overview page of the menu and added new information to be visible
  • Each section will show more detailed information when hovered over
  • Note that the information shown here will not count what happened in the save before the game was updated
  • Specialists on the World Map that have queued movement will now move automatically when their APs (Action Points) are filled
  • Wind Turbines are now affected by trees that are close by
    • All Wind Turbines will now show a radius around them when being placed and when selected in the colony
    • All trees within this area will have an effect on the efficiency of the turbine
  • Changed how the carriers can carry resources to construction zones
    • Now multiple carriers can bring the same resource to the construction zone which should allow construction to be faster

You can read the full patch notes here.

Surviving the Aftermath is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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