Surviving the Aftermath: Free Update 2 Adds Lunar New Year Content

Surviving the Aftermath
Surviving the Aftermath Steam

Free Update 2 for Surviving the Aftermath is here, and it adds new content to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This update also brings a lot of improvements, including for the Colonists AI and how they handle various scenarios.

New Content

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and the devs have added new things to get you into the festive spirit. You can expect new content, such as six new cosmetic variants to decorative lights and four new cosmetic buildings, a colony banner stand, and a fireworks launcher to light up the sky at night.

Once you log in after updating, you will find that the colonists are wearing Lunar-themed hats, and colony buildings are decorated with lanterns.

The other themed content can be unlocked by completing certain milestones for prestige. Even though they are turned on automatically, you can disable them in the settings if you want.

Improvements to the AI

The developers improved the Colonists AI in this patch. First of all, Colonists now prefer housing buildings closer to their workplaces. You can notice this right after you load your previous save as they will start looking for houses immediately. While it can get pretty hectic, you can expect things to simmer down momentarily.

In terms of combat, Colonists now choose to flee when the colony is invaded by hostiles instead of staying to fight. The task of fending off invaders is assigned to Guards and Specialists only. This is a very good change as more of your Colonists will survive now than before.

Free Update 2 Highlights

  • The penalty from the Alarm mode has been significantly decreased
  • Added a highlight to units in combat in the colony
    • If a Colonist or Specialist has a target to attack, this highlight will be shown
    • Enemies with a target to attack will also show this highlight
  • Guard and Specialists should also now be easier to select in the colony
  • Colonists working as Guards at the Gate should now be constantly working at the gate instead of working as carriers around the colony
    • They should also now change to the Guard clothing just like the Guards at the Guard Post
  • When a resource is now disallowed from a specific storage building, the building will eject all units of that resource onto the ground
    • They will be spawned next to the building as a resource box the colonists can then carry to other storage buildings that allow the resource

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

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