Surviving the Aftermath: Free Update 1 Adds Demolish and Repair Modes

Surviving the Aftermath
Surviving the Aftermath Steam

The developers of Surviving the Aftermath have launched a new update that added new modes, which allow you to demolish or repair buildings faster. New tech is also added to all ideologies to let you establish a building that produces Rare Metals.

New Features

Dedicated demolish and repair modes have been added to the game. These are quality-of-life features where you can choose whether to destroy buildings or have them repaired faster without the hassle.

If you are using a mouse and keyboard, these modes can be accessed by pressing the button at the bottom-left corner of the screen, then selecting each building that you want to repair or demolish.

For those who are using controllers, these can be accessed by pressing the default button that controls the camera and then pressing the respective buttons that you see on the screen.

Another nifty feature that was added is the new tech that allows you to upgrade your Metal Auto-Extractor to a Magnetic Separator. This lets you produce Rare Metals using the metal deposits found around your colony. You can also configure the Separator to produce Rare Metals and Metal or Metal and Junk if you want.

If you somehow want the game to be even more challenging, you can select the “Very Hard” difficulty in the pre-game selection menu. When playing at this difficulty level, you’ll have:

  • Fewer deposits available
  • Limited starting colonists and resources
  • Limited water and energy production values
  • A more barren colony with smaller and fewer deposits around it

Free Update 1 Highlights

  • Gate Combat now gives you rewards if you win the combat
    • Resources will be given both from winning the actual Gate Combat and from winning the combat if the bandits breach the Gate
  • Guards and Specialists will now also react to hostiles from a greater distance.
  • Fishing buildings can no longer be placed too close to each other
    • This change affects the Fishing Pier, Fishing Hut, and the Aqua Farm
    • These buildings will now need to be placed further away from each other
    • The area that prevents the placement of another fishing building is shown when the building is placed
  • Added a button to the building info panel that allows you to duplicate the building
  • The Main quest will no longer advance if the player builds a regular outpost to the desert biome
    • The game now checks that the outpost is an Engineer outpost before allowing the quest to advance

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

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