The Surge 2 - All Lost Seed Locations In Gideon's Rock, SERU Biomaster Quest

Beep boop beep.
Here's all the Lost Seed locations in Gideon's Rock in The Surge 2.
Here's all the Lost Seed locations in Gideon's Rock in The Surge 2. Focus Home Interactive

The Surge 2 holds many secrets within its dense maps, and of all the locations in the game, Gideon’s Rock stands out as one of the most impressive. What was once a beautiful and magnificent park is now a warzone between Hunters and a fearsome nanite creature. The layout of the land makes it particularly dangerous, as the Hunters can disappear into the greeneries and ambush you at any moment, while the nanite infection gave birth to creatures that lurk in infected zones. Worst of all, the infection spread through the guardian statues, transforming them into fearsome behemoths that can easily cut you down.

For this guide for The Surge 2, we’ll be taking a look at where you can find the Lost Seeds, quest items that you will need for a side quest involving a gardener robot. On the right side of the CREO Institute of Technology is a garden, well-maintained by a rather innocent and animated bot named GardenCraft VT-16. While he can only communicate with beeps and boops, you can glean some information from him after a conversation. He tasks you with planting five flowers around the garden using Lost Seeds found throughout Gideon’s Rock.

It’s important to note that the Lost Seeds will take you through only two trailheads, which means that you can actually use the weapon reward for this quest against Captain Cervantes. Check out my guide for the Captain Cervantes boss fight here for some helpful tips on how to defeat him.

Let’s now take a look at where you can find all the Lost Seeds in Gideon’s Park.

Lost Seed #1

The first Lost Seed is free, as you can literally find it right next to one of the pots. You can now plant it as well if you want, which yields some tech scrap.

Cougar Trailhead, Lost Seed #2 and #3

From CIT, the closest trailhead is Cougar, and so you can go there. Near the statue of the cougar is an opening covered by smoke and marked by a fallen tree. Go in closer to find a drop, and below you’ll see the second Lost Seed. Drop down to take it. You can then follow the path which will lead outside and back to the trailhead.

Once you come across a fork in the road, with one path leading forward and the other going left, take the latter to find yourself in a small clearing. There are two Hunters here ready to ambush you, so be careful. The third Lost Seed will be near some boxes next to a tree.

Mustang Trailhead, Lost Seed #4 and #5

The fourth Lost Seed can be found right after you activate the Mustang Trail repeller. Before heading back down to the magnetic lift, head towards one of the legs of the repeller to find a broken tree marked with a sign. Go towards the path marked with the mustang until you reach the Central Area path. You’ll notice that you’re now on top of the Overlook, with Hawke and the other Hunters below you. Make a left towards another obscured path to find the fourth Lost Seed.

Afterwards, make your way back to the repeller, this time opening up the bridge path via the press of a button. Make your way across to find the final Lost Seed.

A very special staff

Return to the garden and plant all of the Lost Seeds. Afterwards, speak with GardenCraft VT-16 to turn the quest in and receive a unique reward: the SERU Biomaster, a powerful Fire-endowed staff that works wonders against human enemies. What makes this staff so special is that it’s very rare to find the element on a quick and long-reaching weapon. The SERU Biomaster is especially useful against the higher Spark members later in the game, due to the fact that they are highly resistant to electricity; fire, on the other hand, does wonders, and you can easily whittle them down with this powerful weapon.

Stay tuned for more guides on The Surge 2. The game is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out my review for The Surge 2 here. You can also check out other The Surge 2 guides below:

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