Supergiant's Hades Headed To The Switch This Fall Alongside 1.0 Release

The game is out on Early Access on PC.
Hades will be coming out of Early Access this fall alongside a version for the Nintendo Switch.
Hades will be coming out of Early Access this fall alongside a version for the Nintendo Switch. Supergiant Games

Yesterday, Nintendo held an Indie World presentation which was filled with a ton of exciting indie games coming for the Switch, either immediately or in the near future. The best one, in my opinion, was already announced before the thing could even properly start. Accompanied by a flashy, new trailer, Supergiant Games announced that their hit Early Access roguelike Hades will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall, alongside the game’s 1.0 release. Check out Hades’ brand-new trailer below.

Hades is first and foremost a roguelike dungeon crawler played from a top-down perspective. You play as Zagreus, a lesser known demigod of the Underworld and the son of the better-known god of the same Underworld, the eponymous Hades. Zagreus is on an adventure to escape literal Hell to find his mother Persephone, all the while avoiding the many enemies of the Underworld. Thankfully, Zagreus has a little help from the immortal Gods of Olympus.

As a roguelike, the game features permadeath which will knock you back to the starting level, which is a hub world for souls on their way to the afterlife. That said, you can purchase permanent upgrades which will make your runs easier every time. These include stat upgrades and weapon upgrades, the latter of which there are a lot. Currently, there are six available weapons, all with different substyles or forms which fit certain playstyles. Throughout your run, you will encounter different gods of Olympus, all of them offering powers which will ease the difficulty of your run and bring you one step closer to the mortal realm.

Another well-defined trait of Hades is its attention to dialogue and storytelling; while other roguelikes will present themselves purely on their gameplay, Hades has a lot of meat when it comes to the narrative which features rather complex and fleshed-out characters. This helps glide the player through the hack-and-slash component, making Hades immensely replayable and an amazing recommended title for beginners looking to break into the roguelike genre.

Hades is currently available as an Early Access title on PC on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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