Succubus, A Spinoff Of Horror Title Agony, Announced

Including a very NSFW trailer.
Madmind Studio officially announces Succubus, a spin-off of horror title Agony.
Madmind Studio officially announces Succubus, a spin-off of horror title Agony. Madmind Studio

Remember that first-person horror game Agony that was widely anticipated at first, then fell off the map following several controversies and issues, and a very lukewarm reception to boot? Well, it looks like Madmind Studio, the creators of Agony, are back with a spin-off title, one that’s going to prove to be more controversial than the last.

While technically announced back in December of last year, Succubus, the Agony spin-off, saw little development since then. That is, until last Tuesday, when Madmind dropped a very NSFW trailer for Succubus, which shows off some in-game footage of what horrors we can expect from the title. Check it out below.

It’s.. uhmm.. interesting, to say the least. I was fortunate enough to experience Madmind’s version of hell in Agony, although I must say, judging by this first trailer for Succubus, it’s going to be subjected to the same problems as its predecessor, which includes a general lack of finesse and clunky controls. I almost burst out laughing after seeing the succubus walk towards the phone.

According to the official press release, instead of playing a Martyr soul stuck in the worst parts of hell, this time around you’ll be playing as a succubus named Vydija, who is based on an actual demon of lust. Vydija was actually playable in Agony UNRATED, having been given her own single-player campaign following an update.

Succubus follows one of the canon endings for Agony, in which your player character, Nimrod, becomes the new king of hell. Vydija becomes the realm’s new queen. The former ruler, the Beast, had its mind dominated by Nimrod.

However, Vydija’s new life of luxury as queen proved to be quite boring, so she ended up living in the wilds of hell instead, taking simple pleasures in hunting lost souls. With this new life, she crosses paths with Baphomet, who, along with his army, is after Nimrod and his soul. So begins Vydija’s journey to seek revenge on those who wronged her in this literally Godforsaken hellhole.

In an effort to once again ride on the coattails of viral marketing through controversies, Madmind created a Twitter account for Vydija, which you can view here.

Succubus will be released for the PC on Steam at an unknown date.

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