StoneAge World Introduces a Bunch of New Content with Latest Update

Enjoy new changes.
Enjoy new changes. Netmarble

A new update has been released for StoneAge World that introduced a lot of changes just in time for the holiday season. There are many new events for everyone to enjoy like the Winter Festival Gift Exchange Event. Players can also expect to see some exciting Trainer Benefits.

This new update now allows new and returning trainers to take on even some of the game’s toughest areas with the “Level Jump System.” For example, players between Level 12 and Level 149 can now increase their Trainer Level to 150 and get the accompanying rewards.

Meanwhile, expert players, like those who are at least Level 180, have their own thing with the newly opened Subterranean Abyss. They can explore this new area and bring down the Raid Boss Bevmotis for the chance to get rewards like materials needed to craft Bevmotis’s Bracelet. Speaking of levels, the maximum Trainer Level has been increased from 269 to 299.

There’s also the Mecha Pet Mecha Crotaur, which players can get by using Mecha Crotaur coins. These coins are earned from finishing any level of the Raid System or by buying them in the Shop.

In addition to the new content, players can also join in these events:

  • Winter Festival Gift Exchange Event
    • December 9 to January 20
    • Trainers can exchange Winter Holiday Gift Sacks for rewards like the Random Legendary Totem or a Legendary Ancient Map, and the new Christmas Costume.
    • Bammi Family, Firera Family, and Ptecus Family can be captured in the “Winter Holiday Town” during the event period.
  • New Hot Time Event
    • Started December 9
    • Extra Hot Time Zone is added and Applied Effect increased for certain levels during the event period.
    • Auto Hunt/Advanced Hunt EXP increased up to 500% for players under Lv. 161

StoneAge World is a game that offers RPG and pet-collection mechanics. It’s set in a land known as Tectonika where players take on the role of a “Trainer.” Trainers are powerful warriors that collect, tame, and train pets. There are more than 250 pets to choose from, including dinosaurs, wolves, pigs, and even wooly mammoths. Learn more about the game here. StoneAge World is now available for download on Google Play and App Store.

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