StoneAge World Players Can Now Enjoy Tribe Battles

Time for some PvP action... sort of.
Time for some PvP action... sort of. Netmarble

StoneAge World has released its first update for 2021 and it’s going to offer something new for players. High-level players, in particular, can enjoy Tribe Battle, which is a Guild versus Guild feature. There’s also the new family of pets available at the Suburb Cookie Town.

Ready for Some GvG?

The first match of the Tribe Battle preseason starts tomorrow, February 3. During the preseason, battles are held twice a week and when the regular season starts, it’s going to be three times a week.

As the title implies, Tribe Battle lets players compete for ranking by fighting other Tribes. Players can also fight for victory through territory occupation competition that’s available on the battle map for Tribe Battles. While the Tribe Battle is ongoing, players can have real-time battles that are based on the combat power of Tribe members. Players can also get help from the different items created in the field.

Rewards in Tribe Battle include Core Components and different temporary Titles. Players can get a Title if they meet certain conditions while taking part in Tribe Battle. These are:

  • Grade: ★ 5
    • Title: MVP (3 days)
    • Effect:
      • HP +350
      • ATK +25
  • Grade: ★ 4
    • Title: The Best Brawler (3 days)
    • Effect:
      • HP +300
      • ATK +20
  • Grade: ★ 4
    • Title: The Best Pioneer (3 days)
    • Effect:
      • HP + 400
      • EVA +1.0%
  • Grade: ★ 4
    • Title: The Best Collector (3 days)
    • Effect:
      • ATK +1.5%
      • Crit. Rate +2.5%
  • Grade: ★ 3
    • Title: The Best Substitute (3 days)
    • Effect:
      • ATK +20
      • ACC +1.5%
  • Grade: ★ 2
    • Title: In a Twinkling (3 days)
    • Effect:
      • HP +200

The preseason is followed by the regular season but there’s no date yet for when it will begin.

New Pets

As mentioned, new pets are available in the Suburb Cookie Village for players at least Level 45 to collect. They’re from the Duford Family, which are:

  • Two-Star
    • Duford
    • Langford
    • Ashford
  • Three-Star
    • Benford
    • Ronford
  • Four-Star
    • Draford
    • Moriford

Other Events

From January 29 to February 9, the event is the 2021 Woody's Dice Adventure Returns. During this event, players can use the dice they receive from doing event missions and, in return, get different rewards that they can need for their adventure.

There’s also the Tribe Battle Open Celebration, which starts February 3 and all the way through February 25. During this period, players who join Tribe Battle can get tickets that can be exchanged for rewards. Rewards include, among others, 4 ★ Pet Costumes, Core Components, and Lv. 130 Random Amulet (Heroic-Legendary).

Learn more about the new update here.

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