StoneAge World Introduces PvE With Latest Summer Update

Prepare for some PvE.
Prepare for some PvE. Netmarble

StoneAge World released an update that’s sure to make Trainers happy. High-level Trainers are going to get the chance to try out the new PvE content. In order to prepare everyone, the overall level cap has been increased to 114 from 109. There’s also going to be a new auto hunting ground as well as a new playable region.

This new update is known as Defeat Mino, and introduces a family of pets from the Mino family. These include:

  • Mino
  • Bino
  • Kino
  • Boro
  • Redino
  • Mecha Tayno
  • Tayno

Other changes that arrived with this new update include the ability to earn Mino family Soulstones, XP, and Stones for players at Level 90 or above. Then there’s the new Quarry region where Trainers can capture pets from the Manmo family, animals themed after the ancient wooly mammoth. There is also now the chance for players to get 4 ★ S-Rank pets with limitless capture.

The new update also brings with it new events like:

  • Mino Ticket Event
    • Collect tickets in order to get Trainer’s Rope, Stones and Cans of Skill based on the overall Defeat Mino participation from players.
  • Mino Growth Event
    • Depending on the different growth of Mino such as level, training, skill and battle power, players can get rewards like Meat, Pet Coin and Modification Stone.
    • Players that complete all missions get the “Legendary-Heroic” Amulet.
  • Woody’s Dice Adventure
    • Players who complete missions receive a dice every day.
    • Dice can be exchanged for great rewards.

StoneAge World is a whimsically inspired take on prehistoric societies that takes the mechanics of a role-playing game and combines it seamlessly with the concept of pet collection. This allows for an excellent MMO experience. The game is set in Tectonika, with players taking the role of a Trainer. This is a powerful warrior that collects, tames, and trains pets in order to protect the land from enemies, which include the up-and-coming Machine Civilization. There are more than 250 pets to collect, including dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, pigs, and even wolves. StoneAge World offers a touch-controlled and simple strategic combat system. The turn-based battle system changes depending on the skill level of the Trainer.

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