Stellaris Launching Nemesis Expansion April 15

New expansion is almost here.
New expansion is almost here. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris announced that its upcoming expansion Nemesis is arriving on April 15. With this expansion, players get the chance to decide the fate of a galaxy, which is on the verge of destabilization. Overall, Nemesis is set to give players what could be the most powerful tools ever offered in the game.

In Nemesis, players are given different ways to get power. You can become a Galactic Custodian and fight the endgame Crisis to give the galaxy unity and order. You can also get the abilities to become the actual endgame Crisis and the sole ruler.

As mentioned, there are two main routes to choose from. The first route is becoming a Galactic Custodian, and it involves players campaigning and supporting the Galactic Community. As Custodians, players are given the needed emergency powers to fight Crises. The different abilities allow players to bring back the galaxy from possible destruction and restore order. Once a Crisis has been averted, players can either give away whatever power given to them or keep them and create a new Galactic Imperium.

Players can also choose to Become the Crisis and instead of extinguishing the fire, they act like the fire that spreads chaos across the galaxy. As players expand their empire, they get to unlock powerful bonuses that can help them rule the galaxy.

A new feature that’s offered in Nemesis is Espionage. They say that knowledge is power and this is an exciting new tool that players can use against enemies or even friends. With this feature, players can deploy Envoys to undergo Operations and do counterintelligence behind enemy lines. With lies and deceit, players can mislead enemies while learning more about them.

Players focused on Espionage get to increase their Infiltration level. Increasing Infiltration levels will unlock new operations like Sabotage Starbase, Acquire Assets, or even Steal Tech.

Finally, Nemesis comes with a New Ship Set. Get to enjoy new ships that have inspired some empires made famous in science fiction.

The preorder for Nemesis is available on these sites:

What are you waiting for? Get the expansion and rule the galaxy.

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