Learn More About the Custodian That’s Coming to Stellaris

See what the Custodian has to offer.
See what the Custodian has to offer. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris has announced that it is releasing a new expansion titled Nemesis. No actual date has been revealed but once it does go live, players can expect some powerful tools along with new gameplay mechanics.

In Nemesis, players get to see a clash of two ideas: to destroy the universe or to defend it. One new feature that arrives with the expansion is the Custodian.

Choosing the Custodian

Nemesis brings with it a crisis that results in the formation of a Galactic Council. Once that’s done, the Galactic Community can then decide which of the council members is appointed as Custodian. Now, there can be different proposals on who gets to be the Custodian but when the decision is made, no additional proposals are accepted.

Players should be happy to know that AI’s generally choose a Custodian when there’s a crisis, which can be any type.

Custodian Powers

For a Custodian to have some impact, it needs some special powers. This is aimed at making sure a Custodian has the required influence to impact the resolutions submitted to the Senate Floor.

For example, a Custodian has the power to Prematurely End Session. That means the Custodian can determine whether a resolution is acceptable or not. Of course, the Custodian can also utilize Emergency Measures to make sure that a proposal goes to the Senate Floor.

It’s not that difficult to “convince” the senate given the Shared Intel. The Custodian can get a bit of Intel on other members of the Galactic Community and use it to full effect.

If there’s something that the Custodian doesn’t want, go for Freezing Proposals. By using 200 influence, the Custodian can free a resolution for a maximum of four years. This should be enough time to make other plans.

No Longer Needed

After the crisis has been solved, it means the Custodian is no longer needed. It doesn’t matter how the crisis was resolved as long as it’s no longer there.

You can learn more about the Custodian here. If you’re wondering about the Nemesis expansion, read it here.

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