Stellaris: Console Edition MegaCorp Expansion Now Available

Become an economic giant.
Become an economic giant. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris: Console Edition has officially released its third expansion pass with MegaCorp. It adds a lot of business-themed features to the game. This new expansion is available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles at $19.99.

So what does the MegaCorp expansion offer? First, there’s the introduction of Corporate Culture. With a bunch of new civics, players can now conduct business on a large scale. How large? Think galaxy-wide. For example, players can now have Branch Offices on planets as long as it’s part of an empire that they have a trade agreement with. There’s even the Corporate Authority government type that allows players to build a financial powerhouse, which they can use to reach the top of the galactic trade.

The City World , meanwhile, lets core worlds increase their population density to a point that it can be considered as being too big to fail. This feature should enable players to come up with a megacity that not only covers an entire but could span multiple planets.

With this new expansion, players can expect More Megastructures. New scaling capabilities allow for the megalopolis to be expanded even further. Make the best out of the Strategic Coordination Center, Mega-Art Installation, or even the Matter Decompressor.

It’s not all smooth sailing since players need to look out for Caravaneer Fleets. These are nomadic traders that can either be the best salesman or an excellent scammer. They may stay away from the usual galactic politics, but they always have a trick or two up their sleeves.

What else is there? Players who aren’t afraid to walk the thin line on morality can go for the Galactic Slave Market. It’s like the typical slave market but on an industrial scale. Depending on what strategy is needed, players can either keep or give them their freedom. The new expansion also has VIP Status that comes with Perks. Be sure to make the economy competitive with the extra Ascension perks.

That’s not all since players will be assisted by three Additional Advisors to conquer the galaxy. Players can even enjoy the journey to economic domination with the new four music tracks.

You can buy the MegaCorp expansion for PlayStation here and the Xbox here.

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