Stellaris Nemesis Expansion to Introduce New Gameplay Mechanics

A new expansion is coming.
A new expansion is coming. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris announced that its upcoming expansion, Nemesis, will make players decide between order and chaos. It’s going to give what could be the most powerful tools and best mechanics yet. This should be exciting not only for long-time players but also new galactic travelers.

In terms of story, the galaxy is threatened by what appears to be a hopeless stalemate. In Nemesis, players are tasked to either restore order to the galaxy or sheer force to end all existence. So, will you defend or evaporate the whole galaxy?

The expansion will let players use lies and deceit to learn more about their opponents. The same tactics may encourage players to turn allies against one another. The new gameplay mechanics, meanwhile, show that wars can be won calmly and that in times of war, knowledge is indeed power.

Stellaris is a real-time strategy game that features space exploration, empire management, and space warfare. The game was released back in 2016 for PC. The versions for PS4 and Xbox One were released in 2019.

Since its launch, the game has launched quite several DLC, with around two to three per year. The last expansion was released in October 2020 and it introduced the Necroids, which you can read more here. The console version, on the other hand, just received the MegaCorp expansion last week. It included lots of business-themed features. Learn about the expansion here.

The game can be purchased through Steam and this week is actually a good time to dive into the game. That’s because Stellaris is being offered at Steam for $9.99, a 75% discount. The Necroids Species Pack is also available for $6.39, a discount of 20%.

While there’s no actual date as to when the new expansion is coming out, players can wishlist this expansion on Steam here.

Interested enough to try out Stellaris ? A lot is going to happen so it’s indeed better to try the game now.

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