Stellaris: Apocalypse Will Add Raiding, Overhaul Tomb And Gaia Worlds

Major Changes To Civics And Ascension Also Coming
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Post-apocalyptic empires are adapted to Tomb Worlds. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris: Apocalypse come out on Feb. 22, and so is the Cherryh Update—also known as Stellaris 2.0, also known as the biggest update the game has ever received. As we get closer to that date, which in many ways will fundamentally change the nature of the outer-space grand strategy game, Paradox Development Studio is continuing to reveal more of what we’ll get in the paid DLC and free patch. The latest: new overhauls to civics and edicts as well as Ascension Perks.

Stellaris: Apocalypse And The Cherryh Update Will Overhaul Civics and Ascension

In the Cherryh Update, edicts will get a few pretty solid buffs and be fleshed out more generally. Most planetary edicts have been changed to affect your entire empire instead. Both these and the old empire edicts now also have a one-time fixed cost for a set amount of time, rather than an ongoing influence cost, so there should be less of a psychological barrier to actually use them. They’ll also be easier to renew now (i.e., you’ll get a heads-up when they expire).

In addition, we’re getting two new types of edicts: Campaigns, which use energy instead of influence and seem to be only moderately powerful, and Unity Ambitions, which take large amounts of Unity and are extremely powerful.

The juiciest set of changes in the latest set of developer diaries, though, affect Ascension Perks and civics. First, Ascension Perks will no longer be exclusive to owners of the Stellaris: Utopia DLC; all perks not related to ascension paths or megastructures will be available to all players following the Cherryh Update. To compensate for the new border system, several perks and techs involving border range have been revamped; the perk itself reduces influence costs for bringing new systems into your borders. The terraforming perk World Shaper is now required to create new Gaia Worlds, which gain new bonuses. And, as previously teased on Twitter, Mastery of Nature now unlocks a new edict that can permanently expand the usable land on a planet by adding one to three new tiles to it.

Alien abduction! Photo: Paradox Interactive

Stellaris: Apocalypse will also come with some new Ascension Perks of its own, along with the free changes coming in the Cherryh update. Of these, Nihilistic Acquisition is certainly the most interesting: the new perk will allow empires to raid enemy planets and abduct their population to use as cheap labor, meat, batteries, or for whatever other nefarious purpose you might desire.

Apocalypse will also come with three new civics, all of which seem like they probably need to be chosen at the beginning of the game, or not at all. One of them, Barbaric Despoilers, automatically gives your empire the ability to raid neighbors and declare war on them expressly for that purpose—something that could dovetail well with the new Hordes in Apocalypse. Another trait will confine empires solely to the rare Gaia worlds and megastructures—and it’s unclear if they’ll get other bonuses to compensate for that, or if it’s meant as a Civilization-like “One City Challenge” mode for most of the early and mid game. Lastly, Post-Apocalyptic empires will start on a Tomb world and be able to settle other ones as well.

The latest updates add even more to the long line of changes coming in Stellaris: Apocalypse and the accompanying free Cherryh Update, both of which are expected to launch on Feb. 22. And after that, Stellaris will never be the same.

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