Stationeers: Cryotubes Further Improved in Latest Update

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The latest update for Stationeers is here, and it brings additional improvements to Cryotubes. New shadow settings have also been introduced.

Cryotubes in Stationeers now have two new variants - a standing vertical version and a horizontal model. Furthermore, it now comes with an on/off switch and it has a display panel that provides players with additional information about its current working state.

What’s more, Cryotubes can now resurrect dead players, provided that they have enough chilled NOS. And oh, Cryotubes can heal players too!

Aside from the improvements made to Cryotubes, the latest patch for Stationeers has also added new settings to allow players to tweak shadows in the game. Previously, the game’s shadow settings were set to the “high” preset, which caused some systems to run poorly. With the addition of the low and medium settings, not only will players be able to get a noticeable performance improvement, but they’ll maintain decent visual fidelity as well.

Here are the other changes made in this patch:

  • Fixed Re-joining a server after logging out would cause client positions to not be updated correctly on the server.
  • Added powered sound to new sleepers.
  • Added Stationpedia descriptions for new radiators.
  • Added Nitrolyzer information to the Stationpedia, and updated kit Atmospherics entry.
  • Added new Air Conditioner behavior information to stationpedia.
  • Changed sleeper internal atmosphere warning light to be off when unpowered as it was causing confusion about the actual powered state
  • Tweaked cryo revive. It will now heal a portion of body and organ damage to stop the case where you have so much organ damage you instantly die again
  • Added Occupancy Sensor to Kit (Sensor). The OccupancySensor is triggered when 1 or more players are in the same room as the sensor. You can filter which players trigger the sensor by configuring its access variables using the access controller cartridge. The sensor will only be triggered by a player who holds the correct AccessCard.
  • Added oxygen warning functionality to new sleepers. Will flash orange when oxygen is below safe limits for breathing.
  • Old shadow settings are no longer exposed to the Advanced Settings panel, power users can still tweak these by manually editing their settings.xml
  • Adjusted convection rate for cryotube. Cut it in half since the calculated surface area of the cryotube is so large it was difficult to get very cold. Made the temperature requirement for revival in cryotube < -150C rather than < -160C

Stationeers is available on PC.

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