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Stationeers recently received an update that added new fire mechanics, a highly-requested feature, and bug fixes.

Fire Mechanics

Fire is one of the oldest and most important mechanics in the game since it revolves around space building. In this update, the developers changed the rate at which fire burns, and the conditions for it to burn. The fire between volatiles and oxygen is slowed down significantly, which should make the atmospheric fire spread more likely instead of exploding instantly.

If you are a pyromaniac, don’t worry. The developers have added N2O as a new oxidizer to make volatiles burn faster and hotter, and at a lower autoignition temperature. This can be used to reheat Furnaces with large quantities of gas.

Placement on Both Sides of Walls

The developers added in a highly-requested feature this time. That’s right! You can finally place wall devices on both the front and back of walls. To achieve it, you must place the device based on your position. Devices are facing toward you by default, and to have them placed on the other side of a wall, you must face that side too.

Stationeers Playing with Fire Update

Changelog v0.2.3499.17067
  • Changed Atmospheres that are being destroyed have their Direction set to zero.
  • Fixed possible null ref if a game was unnaturally paused during chunk deserialization as a client. Split methods into two parts.
  • Re-enabled toolbelt Foley sound
  • Added network connection fallback to OS default when device check fails
  • Adjusted game loading screens to handle all possible display resolutions gracefully.
  • Fixed entity's not generating a new animation cancelation token when being revived causing an error which meant that each character could only ragdoll once
  • An active welder will now spark the external atmosphere while ejecting its waste gases.
  • Temporarily removed ToolBelt Foley until Character juddering issue resolved.
  • Fixed input popup/labeler stops working after clicking search button on consoles. Was previously throwing exception but will now do nothing. Search functionality to be reimplemented at a later date.
  • Fixed Error spam when clients are looking at dynamic hydroponics.
  • Fixed Toolbelt Foley sound could get stuck at Maximum volume causing very jingly movement sounds.

You can read more about the update here.

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