Stationeers August 4 Update: Introduces the Nitrolizer and Server Fixes

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Stationeers recently received a new update that added a new atmospheric engineering challenge called “The Nitrolizer.” It also brought dedicated server bug fixes.

New Content

The developers added the Nitrolyzer, which requires equal parts of oxygen and nitrogen. It also requires an insane amount of power to create a dirty mixture of N2O. Players can get creative while applying this N20 as they can recycle it at lower production efficiencies, refilter the gasses into pure form, or use it directly.

Dedicated Servers

The developers fixed and improved many issues in the dedicated servers. The most important change is that the servers now save automatically before pausing to avoid data loss. Plus, running server commands from any connected client is now possible.

Stationeers August 4 Update

  • Fixed Sounds not working on H2Combustor.
  • Fixed Small collider on H2Combustor switch.
  • Fixed issue where H2 Combuster could operate on a bad atmosphere.
  • Fixed Electrolysis Machine producing twice as much Oxygen and Hydrogen as expected, and cut its power usage in half.
  • Increased H2 Combustor water conversion rate to 66% from 33%.
  • Normalized heat generated when producing water, to create temperature ranges similar to gas fires.
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect amount of water being created when combusting for water.
  • H2Combuster now produces a fixed 33% of water from its reaction, with the remaining amount creating traditional combustion products.
  • Fixed Clients can't turn on Nitrolyzer.
  • Fixed Clients can't set Integrated Circuit holder device assignments (beta only)
  • Fixed Nitrolyzer not saving device Ids.
  • Fixed Nitrolyzer activating when minimum conditions for processing not met.
  • Fixed Unable to assign devices on some logic chips when the current device was set to none.
  • Changes to nitrolyzer balance: pulls more gas per tick but maximum efficiency is reduced.
  • Added Nitrolyzer tooltip.
  • Fixed Invalid WorldGrid error when newly created items played impact sound. WorldGrid is now assigned when the item is registered.
  • Fixed converted usage of local grid to world grid in a few places for dynamic things
  • Fixed Logic Units show incorrect values when setting variable targets on a device (beta only).
  • Fixed Error spam when Nitrolyzer input2 is not connected.
  • Added checks around loading bad room data in saves which could cause rooms to contain the same grid multiple times
  • Fixed batch mode framerate limit being overridden

You can read more about the update here.

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