Star Trek Online Adds New Tier-6 Starship to Infinity Lock Box

Prepare to meet the Lower Decks.
Prepare to meet the Lower Decks. Perfect World

Attention Captains! A new update is coming soon to Star Trek Online and it’s going to add an interesting starship to the Infinity Lock Box. It’s none other than the Tier-6 Parliament Miracle Worker Surveyor Cruiser. By the way, this is only offered to PC players for now.

According to stories going around, this starship has the latest technology developed by the engineers and scientists of the Federation. Compared to other ships, this one can take on complex large-scale engineering projects.

It features a Commander Engineering/Miracle Worker specialist seat, as well as a Lieutenant Universal/Miracle Worker specialist seat.

Meet the Lower Decks

The upcoming update is adding to the Lobi Crystal Store the new Lower Decks-themed items. One of these is the Lower Decks Uniforms, the ones from the 2380s. Besides having that unique structure and familiar feel, it looks really snazzy.

New Weapons

Coming as well are the Special Issue Phaser Weapons, which are all inspired by weapons seen on Lower Decks. These weapons can store multiple Ammo for their Secondary Firing Mode. The weapons are:

  • Portable Phaser Cannon Special Issue
    • Fires a deadly extended beam that deals significant damage.
    • Its secondary firing mode is a charge-up blast where the longer the button is held, the deadlier the Phaser energy is.
    • In addition to the damage, at medium charge, enemies are slowed, while at maximum charge, they become stunned.
  • Multibarrel Phaser Special Issue
    • This weapon has a very high rate of fire.
    • The secondary firing mode sprays the field with marginally-discriminate destruction.
  • Phaser Split-Beam Rifle Special Issue
    • This one is similar to a standard Split-Beam Rifle but adapts the multiple ammo system.
    • The secondary firing mode has multiple ammo that fires multiple waves of independently-targeted Phaser beams.
  • Phaser Sniper Rifle Special Issue
    • The weapon is like the usual Sniper Rifle but makes use of the multiple ammo system.
    • The second firing mode has multiple ammo that fires multiple deadly sniper shots.
    • If the original enemy is defeated by one, the others automatically select a new target.

Learn everything about the new starship and the Lower Decks here.

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG released in 2010, initially launched on PC. Versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were made available in 2016.

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