Star Trek Online Revamps the TOS Experience in Latest Update

Interesting changes are here.
Interesting changes are here. Perfect World

A new update for Star Trek Online has been released, which revamps the TOS starting experience. Updates were made to certain episodes, including the character models, environments, cutscenes, and missions. This update is available for both PC and consoles.

For those new to the game, the TOS Starfleet is one of the game’s playable factions. Though technically speaking, it’s not really a faction but more of an alternate starting experience for Captains to try out before they begin the main storyline.

Going back to the update, the episodes that had updates and improvements are:

  • In the Shadow of Cestus
  • Painful Omens
  • Return to Babel
  • Tangled Webs
  • The Battle of Caleb IV

All of these are part of the Agents of Yesterday story arc.

Temporal Recruitment

From September 8 to September 28, all TOS Starfleet characters become Temporal Recruits once the tutorial is complete. In addition, the characters get new benefits and rewards to help them in leveling up.

This new update also renews the goals of Temporal Agent by offering new missions and removing outdated goals. Players who have existing Temporal Agents can complete these new goals. Once they do, they can claim the rewards.

Bundle Offer

The Legendary TOS Federation Captain’s Bundle is now available and offers:

  • Immediately boost one TOS-Era Federation character to Level 65.
  • Equipment, services, and other resources to allow this newly-boosted character to be ready to enter the high-level content of Star Trek Online.
  • Account-Wide access to the Legendary Miranda Multi-Mission Cruiser [T6]

This bundle is priced at 12,000 Zen but from September 8 to September 20, it’s offered at a 50% discount.

PC Changes

For PC, players can also expect these changes:

  • Increased the cap on Admiralty Pass Tokens and Endeavor Reroll Tokens to 200.
  • Players who previously purchased more than the 50 they were capped at should see those additional tokens now available for use.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Risian Luxury Cruiser (T6) sails to not animate properly while in Sector Space.
  • Added additional optimizations to improve performance while on Qo’nos.

You can view the other changes, as well as those for the console, here.

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG released in 2010, initially released for PC. Versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were made available in 2016.

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