Star Trek Online Offering Captains the Chance to Reroll & Pass with Dilithium

A good way to spend Dilithium.
A good way to spend Dilithium. Perfect World

There have been some events in Star Trek Online where Captains were given the chance to have a stockpile of Dilithium. To prevent those from being unused, the game is offering everyone a way to spend Dilithium. This one in particular hopes to modify the behavior of the current gameplay but with a low impact.

Starting August 24, PC players can now use 2,500 Dilithium to buy either a Personal Endeavor Reroll Tokens or Admiralty Assignment Pass Tokens. Console players need to wait a while longer until it arrives on September 8.

In a post, Star Trek Online Staff Systems Designer Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall revealed that they hope this change can bring the game's long-term health economy to a stabilizing point.

For those new to the game, players in the past could only earn these tokens as randomized rewards sometimes included with other earnings. With this new purchase method, the old method of getting tokens will be disabled. Players who already have these tokens need not worry since they’ll still be there.

New Update

Star Trek Online released an update today which introduces these changes:

  • Resolved a data error that prevented Captains who had earned the Sompek Pulsewave under the old Event Reputation system from being able to purchase the Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols from the Phoenix Redemption Store (Tier 3).
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the "Floor is Lava" Kit Module from being affected by Kit recharge time bonuses.
  • Resolved inconsistencies between the power's description and tooltip of the Ruin Of Our Enemies Trait and implemented a cap of 100x triggers on the damage bonus (thus capped at 200% Bonus Damage).
  • Clarified the tooltip on Universal Kit Module - Mudd's Time Device.

The highlight of this update is the No Win Scenarios going live. You can read more about that here. For this event, players who already claimed the Grand Prize can still participate and instead earn extra Dilithium Ore per day. It starts at 8,000 Dilithium Ore for the first day’s completion and increases for subsequent days. With the new way to get tokens, there's another reason to join the event.

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG released in 2010 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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