Star Trek Online Challenges Captains to Take "No Win Scenarios"

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Star Trek Online is testing the mettle of Captains to see how far they are willing to go when the situation is at its direst. It’s time once again to take on the No Win Scenarios. This event starts today, August 24, and runs until September 14.

This particular event offers a Ground and Space TFO that were once featured individually but now has been combined into a Featured Event. With this, players can choose what test to take on each day and in return earn Daily Progress to reach the grand prize.

The Iconic Test

Those familiar with Star Trek lore know that the Kobayashi Maru is the iconic test that, in a way, jump started the career of Captain James T. Kirk. In the game, this is a Space TFO where Captains need to defend the E.C.S. Kobayashi Maru from an increasing number of attackers while at the same time avoiding random hazards and obstacles.

Unlike the one in the series, this one has been updated to have more of the risks. The event version of the simulation ends once Captains finish Round 6.

Invitation from the Klingon

The Arena of Sompek is a way for the Klingons to strengthen the Alliance and provide entertainment. For this Ground TFO, Captains are invited to be part of the Qo’noS as the representative of the Alliance. It may be difficult but it’s good practice and should help with morale. The event version of this simulation stops once the player finishes Round 7.

Minor Adjustments

Most of the actions in the two TFOs are the same. However, there are some minor changes, which are:

  • Each TFO has a fixed duration during the event and before the designated ending point, neither one can be failed.
  • During this event, the Untimed/Infinite versions of these TFOs are temporarily disabled.
  • Instead of the usual Mark rewards, each completion now rewards a Choice of All Marks.
  • Both TFOs have had their Cooldown Timers temporarily disabled.

Grand Prize

To claim the grand prize for the event, Captains need to get 14 Days’ worth of Daily Progress. So what’s the grand prize? It’s none other than the Temporal Hack Kit Module.

This particular kit offers chronology technology that can scan selected nearby life signatures and then introduce asynchronous time-anomalies. When this happens, shields are immediately drained and then reconstituted into an electrical discharge. Meanwhile, those who have been influenced by time distortion become immobilized.

Read more about the event here.

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG released in 2010 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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