Star Trek Online Reveals New Mars Pilot Escort

A new starship is here.
A new starship is here. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is once again offering Captains the chance to pilot a new starship with the Mars Pilot Escort. This is one of the prizes in the Infinity Lock Box beginning August 24. The offer though is only valid for the PC version.

This Infinity Lock Box will be dropped by enemies defeated on Ground maps and on Space maps. However, take note that the chance of getting that box on a drop is small. In addition, it means that the Discovery: Far From Home Lock Box won’t be available anymore.

The History

The design of this starship is based on the quest to look for alternative forms of faster-than-light travel that don’t rely on Dilithium. For example, the way the structure has been streamlined combined with the substantial propulsion subsystems resulted from the attempts to lower the warp bubble footprints.

While those experiments ultimately failed, the resulting technology was discovered to be good when it came to defensive purposes. This resulted in what would now be called the Mars-class Escort.

Subspace Cavitation Matrix

This ship has the Subspace Cavitation Matrix. Ships that have this technology can generate a largely localized distortion in subspace that’s relative to the vessel’s bow. This is then synced with the propulsion systems to increase not only speed but also maneuverability. The effect persists with the distortion but because it is unstable, it only lasts for a brief period. Once the distortion ends, it creates a subspace shockwave in normal space that damages ships as far as five kilometers from the impact point.

Learn more about the details of this new starship here.

Double XP Event

Star Trek Online is also in the midst of a double XP event. This one lasts until August 24 so go ahead and deal with all the threats to get double the experience.


Early this week, a patch for the PC version of Star Trek Online was released, and brought the following:

  • Resolved an issue where the Legendary Romulan Bundle only granted 3 Romulan Duty Officer Packs.
  • Improved unlock functionality for all Account Unlock Starship Traits associated with Legendary Starships so that they will unlock more reliably and promptly.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing "Rapid-Emitter Armaments" to trigger from non-Bridge Officer versions of Tractor Beam, such as the Multi-Target Tractor Arrays console.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Legendary D'Deridex to be unable to equip certain equipment which should be allowed to all Warbirds.

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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