Time to Defend Pahvo Again in Star Trek Online

Prepare to hold the line.
Prepare to hold the line. Perfect World

It looks like there’s trouble again in Pahvo. That’s why all Captains in Star Trek Online are being called to defend the planet from Terran forces. Failure to do so means galactic devastation.

The Defense of Pahvo Event will have multiple TFOs that were featured individually in the past. The combined Featured Event has players choose how they want to defend Pahvo each day and earn Daily Progress to get that new grand prize reward. Players, for example, can go for the Peril Over Pahvo – Space TFO and defend the system space above the planet. The other one is the Pahvo Dissension – Ground TFO where players are taken to the surface and stop those Terran forces.

Players who join this new event get to progress in their third Event Campaign while getting the chance to earn a Crystal Prism (Universal Console) for their entire account.

The Defense of Pahvo Event arrives on PC on July 27. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have to wait until September 2021.

So what do Captains get for all their effort? Those who can get 14 Days’ worth of Daily Progress can claim the Grand Prize of Defense of Pahvo Event. This reward offers:

  • Console – Universal – Crystal Prism (Account Wide Reward)
    • Once earned, every character on the player’s account can claim this unique Universal Console, which attempts to emulate the popular Kit Module of the same name.
    • Other characters on the player’s account may visit the “Reclaim Rewards” store interface to pick up their Universal Consoles once they have collected them from any character.
  • 3x Featured TFO Reward Boxes (Single Character Reward)
    • Each gives a choice of 1x Specialization Point or an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade.
  • 25,000 Dilithium Ore (Single Character Reward)
    • Issued immediately for use as players see fit.

Zen Buyout Option

For players who want to get the rewards but don’t have time, there’s always the buyout.

Within the Event UI, players are given the choice to buy any remaining progress for a scaling amount of Zen. The base price is 2,000 Zen and lowers for every single Daily Progress.

Read more about the new event here.

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