Star Trek Online Offering Discounted Rates for Lifetime Subscriptions

A good time to get this subscription.
A good time to get this subscription. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is holding a sale of its Lifetime Subscriptions. For PC, it’s now at $199.99 or a drop of $100. For Consoles, it’s going to be a 33% discount. This promotion started yesterday, March 11, and only available until April 15.

Why get a Lifetime Subscription you ask? That’s because members get access to many exclusive rewards. A lifetime subscription also means that players can be a Gold member and have no need to pay a monthly subscription fee ever again.

By getting the lifetime subscription, players earn these rewards:

  • 3x Additional Character Slot
  • 30x Bonus Inventory Slots (added as players level)
  • 60x Bonus Bank Slots (added as players level)
  • 20x Bonus Account Shared Bank Slots
  • 2x Additional Bridge Officer Slots (added as players level)
  • 500 ZEN each month
  • Increased energy credit storage limit
  • 800 Dilithium Refinement every 24 hours
  • 1x Captain Retrain Token per rank
  • Priority login
  • Access to the game's test servers
  • Play as a Liberated Borg
  • Play as the Talaxian race
  • Access to the Captain’s Table (a special area restricted to Lifetime Subscribers)

Those are simply the initial rewards and more are offered, which you can view here.

PC players can sign up for the lifetime subscription here while console players can get it at the Zen Store.

March 11 Update

Star Trek Online received a new update yesterday. The changes are limited for PC, such as:

  • Captains that did not receive their Event Campaign Progress, due to a previous issue that prevented Legacy Progress contribution, now have that progress awarded to them.
  • The Janeway Command Science Vessel can no longer be exported to Gameprint.
  • All “Federation Phaser Beam Array (32c.)” space weapons now show correct FX on firing.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the "Mycelial Realm" TFO from appearing in the PvE TFO UI.
  • Resolved an issue with the Bridge Officer reward from Klingon Recruitment causing it to be Rare instead of Very Rare.
    • For players that already claimed a Rare version, they need to head to their Temporal Agent to reclaim the reward for a Very Rare version. They’re going to have to dismiss the Rare version to make this happen.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Environmental Suit (23rd Century) to not display fully when worn.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing various outfits and tailor pieces to not display properly for Discovery Klingon Captains.

View the complete patch notes here.

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