Star Trek Online Once Again on Galactic Red Alert

It's Red Alert again.
It's Red Alert again. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is again putting all Captains on Galactic Red Alert, and it's different from the usual Red Alerts for it lasts for two weeks. There’s also going to be an additional reward in the form of an Experimental Ship Upgrade Token. The event starts on March 18 and lasts until April 1.

For the duration of the event, Captains get to play these content:

  • Borg Red Alert
  • Elachi Red Alert
  • Tholian Red Alert
  • Tzenkethi Red Alert
  • Nakuhl Red Alert

While it's an event, the rewards are as usual. But on top of those rewards, players can get daily bonus progress from the Task Force Operations. Players get one Daily Progress per day for finishing one Red Alert and it doesn’t favor a specific TPO. Once a player gets ten Daily Progress, they'll receive a package containing:

  • An Ultimate Tech Upgrade
  • A Specialization Point
  • An Experimental Ship Upgrade Token

Those who already got the Grand Prize can still take on Red Alerts, if they want, and earn Bonus Progress. Finishing a Red Alert TFO per day gives a bonus amount of Dilithium Ore. The bonus amount starts at 8,000 and then increases by 1,000 for each completion thereafter.

Red Alert Task Force Operations are available only to Captains of at least level 50.

March 4 Update

Last week Star Trek Online released an update that introduced some changes on PC. The main highlight was the resolution for an issue where the “Leap of Faith” and “Afterlife” missions resulted in crashes.

Some of the other changes include:

  • Resolved an issue that was preventing fleet mail from being sent.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing NPC ships to use "Pulse Cannon" weaponry to deal abnormally large amounts of damage when under the effects of Cannon Scatter Volley (all ranks).
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing many "Warp Out" animations to play when the space summon was despawning.
  • Resolved a text error on the box "Event Campaign III Prize: Premium T6 Starship Choice" where it was failing to include Promotional starships in the list of available ships.
  • The Temer-class Alliance Raider's parts now change paint color consistently.
  • At a distance, the neckpiece of the Narendra support cruiser is now the proper size.
  • Add ability for players to turn off "friend logged on" and "friend logged off" notifications, fly-in, and chat.

Learn more about Star Trek Online here.

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