Star Trek Online Giving Captains the Chance to Own Kwejian Pilot Frigate

New ship and new technology.
New ship and new technology. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is adding a new starship to the Infinity Lock Box and it's none other than the Kwejian Pilot Frigate (T6). This is the same ship that was seen in the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. It arrives in the lockbox beginning May 4.

The Kwejian Pilot Frigate has been designed to have high maneuverability combined with sturdy defenses. Generally, most Frigates are used by privateer pilots, smugglers, and the like who usually escape fights. This new frigate, however, can go toe-to-toe with many modern ships and sometimes even have an advantage against bulkier ships. The “morphing” technology added to it gives it extra flexibility and versatility.

Morph Reversal

Going back to its morphing technology, its Innate Abilities called Morph Reversal allows the ship to undergo a sudden reversal of direction. Though activating this disables weapons and auxiliary subsystems for a brief period. Still, Captains get increased critical chance and critical severity for several seconds after it's completed.

Smasher Assembly

The Kwejian Pilot Frigate has unique geometric hull configurations that help lower or even eliminate entirely the damage resulting from hull-to-hull impacts. Known as Smasher Assembly, this allows the ship to undergo high-speed ramming maneuvers.

When entering this mode, the ship can do the “Superluminal Smash.” This results in dealing damage to enemies in a cylindrical area of effect while letting the ship itself move five kilometers forward with each successive jump. As long as Smasher Assembly is active, the ship can perform this move multiple times.

Proximity Alert

For the Starship Trait, the Kwejian Pilot Frigate features the Proximity Alert. As long as this trait is slotted, the ship gets a scaling benefit based on the highest rank among nearby foes once every five seconds.

This benefit manifests itself as a bonus to the Defense Rating and Physical and Kinetic Damage Resistance. It also gives a quick burst of Shield and Hull restoration, while at the same time, lowers the outgoing Threat Generation. The value of these benefits is based on having a high-rank enemy within close proximity.

So what do you think? Is this ship worth having? These are just some of its abilities. You can read what more the ship can offer here.

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