Star Trek Online Launching New Special Event Tomorrow

There's another event.
There's another event. Perfect World

Looks like there’s no stopping Star Trek Online from celebrating its anniversary with a bang. This time around it’s the Special Phoenix Prize Pack Event. It’s going to start tomorrow, February 4, and last until February 11. During this period, players get to pick up a pack for free once a day from either Grym at Drozana Station or Onna on Deep Space Nine.

Indeed, there’s been a lot happening in the game over the past couple of days. There’s the 11th Anniversary Event, for example, which started on January 26. Early this week, Star Trek Online even launched its 2021 Anniversary Legendary Bundle.

Of course, players also had the chance to enjoy new content with House Reborn. Get to see what’s that about in the video below:

Normally, the Phoenix Prize Pack needs to be purchased using Dilithium but as mentioned, it’s free during the event period. The pack gives players a token that has one of five rarities, and a token can be redeemed for a list of prizes for that rarity tier.

The Phoenix Prize Pack in this event is also bringing back the Experimental Starship Upgrade tokens. With these, players can get the Ultra Rare tier. They can also use them to power up one of their T5-U or T6 ships through the new Device Slot, a New Console, and even a special Trait slot. These particular tokens are only offered in the pack during the event.

Below is the list of prizes in the top two tiers:

  • Epic:
    • Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider [T6]
    • Bajoran Interceptor [T6]
    • Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier [T6]
    • Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]
    • Breen Sarr Theln Carrier [T6]
    • Kobali Samsar Cruiser [T6]
    • Krenim Science Vessel [T6]
    • Ferengi Nandi Warship [T6]
    • Vorgon Xyfius Escort [T6]
    • Breen Chel Boalg Warship [T6]
    • Lukari Ho'kuun Science Vessel [T6]
  • Ultra Rare:
    • Experimental Ship Upgrade Token
    • Jem’Hadar Attack Ship [T5]
    • Breen Chel Grett Warship [T5]
    • Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider [T5]
    • Risian Corvette [T5]
    • Risian Luxury Cruiser [T5]
    • Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser [T5]

You can view the complete list of prizes here.

Meanwhile, Star Trek Online players who want to support Perfect World’s charity still have time to do so. The charity event ends tomorrow and you can learn more about that here.

With all of these different events, one has to wonder what else does Star Trek Online have up its sleeve.

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