Star Trek Online Launches New Event to Celebrate Upcoming 11th Anniversary

Look who's birthday is coming up.
Look who's birthday is coming up. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is celebrating its 11th anniversary next month. To kick things off, the game is launching a new event which starts January 26 and runs through February 25. This is initially going to be available for PC with console releases at a later date.

Star Trek Online was released on February 2, 2010, and the first MMORPG of the Star Trek franchise. Originally, players needed to buy the game but in 2012, it was relaunched to offer a tier that allowed free-to-play access. Released first on PC, versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came out in 2016.

Here are the activities taking part in the 11th Anniversary Event:

  • Episodes – 2 Daily Progress
    • The Centre Cannot Hold
    • Khitomer Discord
    • Knowledge is Power (New)
    • Leap of Faith (new)
  • TFOs – 2 Daily Progress
    • Starbase One
    • Mycelium Realm
    • Peril over Pahvo
    • Operation Riposte
  • Patrols – 1 Daily Progress
    • Rescue and Search
    • Ruins of Doom
    • Sentinels
    • The Ninth Rule
    • Within the Briars
  • Omega Stabilization (Daily) – 1 Daily Progress

The good news about all these is that it’s not just about celebrating the game’s anniversary. Taking part in different events contributes to the player’s Daily Progress in the event. There are different prizes and the Grand Prize is the Tier 6 Ship Temer Class Alliance Raider. It’s pretty much like the Khitomer-class Battlecruiser with the exception that it combines Romulan and Klingon technology. How sweet is that?

Not enough? Even when players manage to claim the top prize, they can still get scaling Dilithium Ore bonus rewards when completing additional Daily Progress.

Omega Stabilization

By now you should have noticed that one of the events is the Omega Stabilization or Omega Molecule Stabilization Game. In this one, it seems that the entity Q is back to his shenanigans. All players need to do is talk to him to get access to the mission.

The mission involves visiting three zones and stabilizing an Omega Particle through a mini-game. The minigame is straightforward and has Omega molecules falling from the left in one of the four channels. All players must move the capture device to the correct channel as the molecule hits the right-hand line. The more molecules captured the more points scored. If that’s confusing, it works much like Guitar Hero, if you can remember that.

The thing is, Q doesn’t really care how many points a player gets. All he wants is for players to complete the minigame and get credit for the Daily Mission.

You can learn more about the Omega Stabilization and the 11th Anniversary Event here.

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