'Star Trek: Discovery' Trailer Breakdown: New Ship, Aliens And Captain’s Chair Introduced In Behind-The-Scenes Video

The Discovery, designation NCC-1031. CBS Television Studios

Production on Star Trek: Discovery has begun and a new behind-the-scenes trailer released. While there’s not yet any footage from the actual show, the new production trailer is stuffed with new information about the show for the eagle-eyed inquisitor.

Let’s dive in:


An oh-so brief glimpse at the bridge, presumably of the USS Discovery NCC-1031.

Is this blurry bridge aboard the USS Discovery NCC-1031? Photo: CBS All Access


New alien uniforms that look like Cardassian armor made from Alien xenomorph skin.

Or maybe Sarris is crossing over from 'Galaxy Quest'? Photo: CBS Television Studios


Many people were unhappy with the Discovery design revealed in the first Star Trek: Discovery teaser trailer. Members of the production repeatedly affirmed that it was a rush CGI job. Here we see the ship from a few different angles. While the core design remains the same, there are a number of tiny changes, particularly to the various running lights, which are now more muted colors.

If you didn't like the Discovery before, this probably won't change your mind, but I think it looks great! Photo: CBS Television Studios


Could this be one of those new aliens from behind? It looks like Star Trek: Discovery may move past makeup and incorporate some advanced animatronic masks.

Like most 'Star Trek' aliens, this one has weird head ridges. Photo: CBS Television Studios


The Starfleet uniforms are quite purple! They look closest to the Star Trek: Enterprise uniforms.

So purple! Photo: CBS Television Studios


A second ship is revealed! Could this be the Shenzhou , piloted by Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh)?

The USS Discovery won't be the only Starfleet ship central to the 'Star Trek: Discovery' plot. Photo: CBS Television Studios


This looks like the interior of a cavernous alien ship. Could this be the inside of the vessel flown by those scary xenomorph guys?

It's a little reminiscent of Nero's ship in the 2009 'Star Trek.' Photo: CBS Television Studios


And finally, here’s the Captain’s Chair. We’ve seen it once before. Surprisingly, it’s almost as bare bones as when we got our first look and assumed it was still under construction.

The captain's chair. Photo: CBS Television Studios

Ever since former showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) exited and Akiva Goldsman entered, our hopes for Star Trek: Discovery have plummeted. But man, is it exciting to actually see a new Star Trek show in production! Who knows, maybe they’ll pull it off!

Cross your fingers, everyone. Star Trek: Discovery premieres… well, no one knows yet.

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