Star Citizen 3.0.1 Update Brings Concierge Rewards & Ship Fixes To PTU

Star Citizen pirate swarm
Star Citizen alpha 3.0.1 has launched in the PTU. It features the monocle Concierge reward and ship fixes. Alpha 3.0.1 should be live on public backer servers soon. Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen update 3.0.1 released to PTU testers Thursday afternoon. After the team at Cloud Imperium Games teased the latest changes on Reverse The Verse and the latest subscriber Town Hall, a select group of eager explorers can get their hands on the content. The patch notes aren’t too extensive, but they include Concierge Rewards and tweaks to ship shields.



  • Added monocle to PMA and added eye accessory slot as option in PMA
  • AI ships now have specific shield generators that provide half the shield health/shield regen.
  • For all ships, shield HP reduced, regen lowered, regen ramp up time increased.  Shields now allow more physical damage through the less health they have.
  • For all ships, armor reduced to 1.00 for physical and 0.90 for energy for all ships.
  • Missile damage and explosive radius reduced


Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer be sorted into races that have already started, causing an error code.
  • Speculative fix for ships missing items
  • Reputation should now persist between player sessions
  • Fix for ship EMP weapons charging much faster than intended
  • Fix for certain weapon families starting at max spread and recovering significantly slower than expected
  • When trying on/inspecting clothes your face should no longer be illuminated by helmet lights that aren't there.
  • Fix for ships duplicating if changes were made to the pledge while an insurance claim was being made
  • Admin NPCs should now accept boxes and allow players to complete related missions.
  • Boxes placed on admin counters should no longer fall through to the floor.
  • REC rented items should no longer invalidate prior rentals and rentals with time remaining from the prior patch should now be available.
  • Carryable crates dropped from vehicle destruction in excess of SCU crates in Cargo Grids will now spawn on positions of Cargo Grids instead of near world origin.
  • Players should no longer be able to break their character and be stuck spawning as a white sphere.
  • Various crash fixes


As with most PTU updates, Cloud Imperium Games has offered a few final notes for the installation process. Before installation, naming the “StarCitizen” program directory to “StarCitizenPTU” will make the download process faster, eliminating duplicate files from the public build.  To ensure alpha 3.0.1 works as intended, the team also asks testers  to delete the “USER” folder in the following directory after the patching process is complete:

C:Program FilesRoberts Space IndustriesStarCitizenPTULIVE

This update definitely won’t reinvent the wheel in terms of fps counts on Star Citizen 3.0, but at least brings the game one step closer to the full 3.1 standard due at the end of March. While this list of fixes is a bit shorter than some fans would’ve liked, Cloud Imperium Games is constantly making tweaks on a server-side level to improve the experience without requiring additional downloads.

Star Citizen PU
Star Citizen's latest PTU update may offer modest performance gains in the PU. Photo: Cloud Imperium Games

As mentioned above, the monocle cosmetic is exclusive to Star Citizen Concierge supporters. To get that reward, you must spend at least $1,000 to support the project.

Star Citizen update 3.0.1 is currently exclusive to testers in the PTU. It will likely be on live servers fairly soon.

Has Star Citizen 3.0.1 improved your gameplay experience in the persistent universe? What are you most looking forward to for 3.1 in March? Tell us in the comments section!

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