Spirit of the Island: Pirate Chests, Ancient Stones, and New Changes Available in Update 0.18.4

Spirit of the Island
Spirit of the Island Steam

Update 0.18.4 for Spirit of the Island is now available. This update brings a lot of new features, including Pirate Chests that may sometimes contain Ancient Stones. Some NPCs, such as the Witch, Mechanic, and Fisherman, all sell items now depending on the time of day.

Spirit of the Island is a fun third-person farming simulator that allows you to create your own farm from scratch to attract visitors. What’s amazing about this game is that you do not have to do it alone. You can bring a friend with you in an online multiplayer co-op game, where you can do quests and resource gathering together. It features resource sharing as well, allowing you to bring some resources from single-player to the multiplayer campaign.

Spirit of the Island introduces new Pirate chests in Update 0.18.4. These chests contain random items - one of which is the Ancient Stone. Other things that you can acquire include Treasure Map pieces and Exploration XP, among many others. These can be found scattered on the island, so be on the lookout for them. Speaking of treasure, word has it that you can find one inside the Buried Cave. Be sure to look in there after updating the game.


  • Ancient stone can now be collected from Pirate and Treasure Chests, when you are exploring. Pirate chests will respawn, like any other nature object
  • New map texture in the world map (it tells you what map is actually available)
  • New Bee Hives on almost every island (not in swamps and not in islands where you only have Palm Trees)
  • New “ready to harvest” VFX. You will see a visual effect when your crop is ready to harvest
  • Changed the price of many raw materials and resources
  • Changed value of all fishes (per season and how easy is to get)
  • Changed the price of all food recipes and drinks
  • Changed recipe for many items (Potions, Elixir, Antidote, etc)
  • Trader has different items to sell now
  • Buildings now require Fineplank, which can be crafted from Hardwood
  • Nature props (like trees, rocks, etc) will not need the player anymore to move from one region to another to respawn back
  • Fixed collider problem in Boar Island, so you don’t get stuck anymore
  • Fixed Bike not receiving damage by player attack
  • Fixed Fruit trees not working with Seasons (they were all working in any season)
  • Fixed Festival Stats not counting

Spirit of the Island Update 0.18.4 is available on PC.

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