Spider Tanks Now Available on PC

Play for free and earn.
Play for free and earn. Gala Games

What do you get when you have creepy crawlies and a battle brawler? You get Spider Tanks. It’s from Gala Games, known for Web3 entertainment and blockchain gaming.

While this futuristic esports tank game is free-to-play, it incorporates different play-to-earn mechanics centered on skill-based competition, resource collection, and player-driven upgrade cycle to earn real rewards. In the game, players can create their own unique crawly contender by assembling tank bodies and weapons in their garage. Once their “Spider Tank” is ready, it's now time to do some mech mayhem as mechanical monsters fight it out in arena maps.

In a statement, Gala Games President John Osvald shared that Spider Tanks is a great example of how they're redefining the game as well as the blockchain space by combining Web3 and esports into a Web3 PvP esports brawler. He added that once you're in the battle arena, the game is going to be nonstop.

Features of the game include:

  • Build Your Army
    • Experiment with unique combinations of tank bodies, weapons, and special items in the battle arena.
    • There are more than 30 hero tanks, 45 weapons, and 45 bodies in different levels of rarity to mix and match.
  • Upgrade Your Army
    • With each level upgrade, the tank part’s power increases depending on a random chance.
    • Players can grind out upgrades that increase the scarcity and value of their Spider Tanks.
    • The levels of the upgraded items are random, making each item unique and special in its own way while the chances for a fully optimized item are slim.
  • Game Modes
    • Team Deathmatch: In this all-out brawl style match, the team with the most kills gets the victory.
    • Capture the Chicken: The team's goal is to capture as many moving chickens as possible.
    • Capture the Flag: There is only one flag, and the team that holds it in their possession the longest wins the match.
  • Ways to Play
    • Pilot: Jump in and control the Spider Tank directly, fight in PvP Maps, and engage in exciting moment-to-moment combat.
    • Captain: Build out an army of Spider Tank pilots that fight for you on PvP Maps.
    • Baron: Own a PvP Map and receive rewards from the battles that take place in your map.
  • Ways to Earn
    • The game’s blockchain reward token system allows participants to earn Victory Points in many ways including winning matches, owning maps/land that host battles, and running Nodes.
  • ​Choose Your Battleground
    • A safe haven with old mines.
    • Trepidatious tracks.
    • Rickety boardwalks.
    • A jungle temple with wild and ancient ruins.
    • A death canyon for a wild west showdown.
    • A subzero arctic base.

Learn more about Spider Tanks here.

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