ICARUS: Customizable Beacons and Changes to Creature Deterrents Featured in Latest Weekly Update

Week 82 Update Rocketwerkz

ICARUS got a new patch that allows players to customize their beacons with icons. The Week 82 update also made some changes to creature deterrents.

Customizable Beacons

The Portable Beacon in ICARUS allows players to deploy something that puts a marker on the map. This is pretty convenient, especially if they want to go back to a particular spot later on.

In the Week 82 update, they can now customize the map markers with unique icons, such as cross skull, meat, berries, pickaxe, square, and triangle, among others. They can change the color of the map markers as well. Those who want to make the marker more obvious, for example, can use yellow or pink.

Creature Deterrents

The Creature Deterrent is a new item in ICARUS that stops creatures from spawning within its area of effect. It also prevents creatures from going near it.

In this patch, the Tier 2 Creature Deterrent now requires spoiled meats/plants to remain active. Besides that, T2 and T3 Creature Deterrents now work automatically. Players can stop their operation by removing fuel or disconnecting them from the power source. Additionally, they will now know the deterrents' current state, as well as their effective radius, just by clicking on them.

Improved Creature Deterrents Rocketwerkz


New Content

  • Added option to customize Portable Beacon icon and color.
  • Added temporary icon and color selections to BP_Portable_Beacon Portable Beacons no longer require solar power to run, but must still be un-sheltered.
  • Beacons now do not require light to work and have an internal battery that lasts indefinitely
  • T2 Spawn blockers (creature deterrents) now require spoiled meat or spoiled vegetables to operate, they are no longer completely free for their operation
  • Adding in scaling for the enzyme geysers (base reward is now 5-10, this scales based on selected prospect difficulty)


  • Fix typo in Rustic Decoration Bench recipe set name
  • Add translatable strings to crop plot water status
  • Adjusting T3 Blueprint Tree Layout
  • Fixed a bug that allowed animal fat to be placed in fuel slots that are unable to use animal fat as a fuel source.
  • Fix a bug allowing you to remove your envirosuit while on planet.
  • Added a camera component to Portable Beacons to prevent clipping through the floor when editing their color and icon
  • Adjusting Spawnblockers so they have a new widget which shows active status
  • Updating Spawnblocker interactables so they no longer turn it on and off with no feedback, they are all supposed to be auto-activate, removing their resources to turn off
  • Fixed bug where Landshark and Sandworm kill accolades weren't triggering

So, what can you say about the customizable beacons in the Week 82 update for ICARUS?

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