Soulstone Survivors: Vanquish Foes with New Weapons and Skills in Winterfall Update

Winterfall Update
Winterfall Update Steam

Soulstone Survivors Winterfall Update is now available on Steam. This patch brings tons of new content, including new weapons and skills to help you vanquish hordes of enemies you’re going to face.

In Soulstone Survivors, each weapon has two skills that you can utilize when you equip it. That said, there are a bunch of new weapons at your disposal in the Winterfall Update.

If you’re not a fan of the Paladin, then the new Harbinger of Justice might entice you to use the said class. With this weapon, the Paladin can perform the new Hammer of Justice skill, in which he launches a hammer that pierces through a group of enemies and returns to him after the maximum range is reached.

New Paladin Weapon and Skills
New Paladin Weapon and Skills Steam

The Assassin also got a pretty useful weapon called the Curved Daggers. When this is equipped, the Assassin can perform the Twin Daggers skill, which summons two red spectral blades to attack foes in front of them and applies the Weakness debuff on targets.

New Assassin Weapon and Skills
New Assassin Weapon and Skills Steam

Patch Notes

New Craftable Weapons
  • Paladin: Harbinger of Justice
  • Chaoswalker: Artifact of Corruption
  • Assassin: Curved Daggers
  • Legionnaire: Jupiter's Reach
  • Beastmaster: Nature's Fury
  • Elementalist: Scepter of Frost
  • Necromancer: Life Harvester
  • Death Knight: Greatsword of Doom
New Active Skills
  • Paladin: Hammer of Justice, Penance
  • Assassin: Twin Daggers, Smoke Bomb
  • Death Knight: Unholy Aura, Reap
  • Necromancer: Unholy Bolt, Ancient Curse
  • Legionnaire: Jupiter's Spear, Summon Infantry
  • Beastmaster: Wild Strike, Summon Swamp Boar
  • Elementalist: Severe Cold, Freezing Blow
  • Chaoswalker: Seeking Chaos, Aura of Chaos
Rune Changes
  • Now you can also pick starting skills multiple times with Singular Focus
  • Starting skills can now be selected by other characters with the use of a Mastery rune
  • Fixed issue where Mastery runes sometimes would yield inconsistent results, often adding less than 6 skills to the pool
  • Mastery runes will not add the same skill twice if you have two masteries that would apply for the same skill, it will always try to add unique skills if possible
General Changes
  • Further performance improvements that might assist in certain scenarios
  • Bosses are now virtually immune to pushback effects to reduce some strange behavior that could happen in extreme scenarios
  • Hit special effects will play up until Endless cycle 2. Previously, they would not play in any Endless/Overlord level to improve performance
Enemy Changes
  • Corrupted Paladin
    • Templar's Verdict damage reduced from 25 to 20
    • Holy Fire charge time increased from 1.2 to 2 seconds
    • Holy Fire projectile spread reduced considerably
    • Holy Fire damage reduced from 15 to 8
  • Corrupted Death Knight
    • Obliterate charge time increased from 1.2 to 1.6 seconds
    • Shadow Spikes charge time increased from 1.2 to 1.6 seconds

So, what can you say about the new content added in Soulstone Survivors Winterfall Update?

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