Soulstone Survivors: Endless Mode Reworked in Update v0.9.027h

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Soulstone Survivors is a fun action roguelite where you play as a Void Hunter fighting against hordes of enemies. It features 14 characters and a whopping 150 unique active skills, giving you endless possibilities to enjoy the game.

Developer Game Smithing Limited recently launched Update v0.9.027h, which reworks the game’s Endless mode.

The Endless Mode is a relatively new game mode in Soulstone Survivors where you face waves of enemies until you defeat five bosses. Then, a portal opens and you can continue the fight as many times as you like.

That said, Update v0.9.027h features a rework of this game mode by applying a lot of major changes. For one, the scaling progression has been adjusted, making you level up slower than before.

Enemies have also become more aggressive and resistant to slow effects, though their HP has been reduced considerably to balance them out. Besides that, more Lords of the Void will join the fight, making things a lot harder for you to overcome.

The achievements that you can obtain by playing Endless Mode are changed as well. While the rewards that you will receive are the same, acquiring them now needs far fewer cycles.

Patch Notes

  • Endless Mode Rework
    • Reduced quantity of enemies needed per objective, but more time for you to fight the Lords
  • Added slider in Graphics settings to control the FPS limit of the game
  • Changed Player Area indicators (blue circles) to be a lot less intrusive, but still help you identify where your skills are landing
  • Fixed issue where arrows pointing to towers or any other object would point in the wrong direction in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where the Blacksmith was very generous and would not verify for achievement completion before crafting weapons
  • Fixed the issue with Legionnaire and the Dogs becoming invisible in the menu
  • Fixed an issue where Totem skills were not adjusting their tooltips according to Buff Duration power-ups
  • Fixed the issue where enemies would walk around destroyed objects in The Dungeon of Despair
  • Fixed (fore real this time) the visibility of Demolish not being affected by Effect opacity setting
  • Fixed issue where Piercing Shout would not appear as a skill for the Barbarian
  • Fixed error with certain projectiles when you replace the skill, causing an error
  • Fixed an issue where if you replaced Ice Vortex with another skill at certain point in time, its visual effect would stay forever
  • Fixed an issue where locked character names would show up in the Blacksmith
  • Small performance optimizations
  • Aelfraed will now use Bladestorm from further away from you and move slightly faster
  • Reduced damage of Call Lightning from 120 to 80
  • Reduced initial damage of Chromatic Bolt from 70 to 50
  • Reduced damage of Ricochet Shot from 150 to 100
  • Reduced damage of Storm of Arrows from 300 to 200
  • Reduced damage of Chaos Golem from about 400 to about 250
  • Holy Fire now fires 3 light waves in the direction you are aiming, instead of one

Soulstone Survivors Update v0.9.027h is available on PC.

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