Soulstone Survivors: The Fun Endless Mode Now Split into Separate Modes in Update v0.9.028c

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Due to the massive success of Endless Mode in Soulstone Survivors, developer Game Smithing Limited has made it even more fun by splitting the popular game mode into two separate ones in Update v0.9.028c.

New Game Modes

Endless Mode is now split into two separate game modes in the recent update of Soulstone Survivors. The first is still called Endless Mode, only this time, players level up quickly but fight increasingly difficult enemies with every cycle. As the name implies, players can go on for as long as they like.

The second is known as the Overlord Mode. Players who have been wanting to face more Lords of the Void as opposed to regular enemies in Soulstone Survivors might like this one over the other.

While there are fewer enemy cycles here, players will definitely face more numbers of Lords of the Void. These powerful bosses will spawn gradually until they replace most of the regular enemies on the battlefield.

The new Overlord Mode is not for the faint of heart, so those who want to try it must prepare for what’s to come.

Because the game can be so populated in later enemy cycles, the dev team implemented some changes to improve performance. For instance, the special effects slider lets players adjust the number of visual effects displayed on the screen. Setting the slider all the way down helps combat frame drops, especially in high-intensity scenarios.

Patch Highlights

  • Implemented some changes to the saving system to try and make the system more resistant to corrupted files.
  • Added visual improvements to the Runes screen so it is easier to locate/remember where runes are placed.
  • Fixed minor visual issues on ultra-wide monitors.
  • In any endless mode, certain visual effects will not play to help with performance.
  • FPS limit slider is now capped at 120% of your monitor refresh rate.
  • Removed "invisible pillars" in the Dungeon of Despair.
  • Fixed multiple "invisible exceptions" that would consume performance.
  • Extended the damage area indicator of a few boss skills to better reflect the range of their skills.
  • Reduced health of Pillars of Despair by 30%.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Pillars of Despair skills by 100%.
  • Endless cycles now also reduce the effectiveness of Absorption shields (Arcane Shield).
  • Fixed issue where the skill Disengage would not appear for the Sentinel's second bow.
  • Pending skill points during a match will now be kept if you go through an endless portal.
  • Fixed issue where certain skills such as Mine Field and Explosive trap may not remove the objects from the world when the skill is removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Totems and Ballistas were not dealing the intended damage when they caused a critical strike.

So, what can you say about the new game modes? Has the game performed admirably well after you’ve updated to the latest version?

Soulstone Survivors Update v0.9.028c is available on PC.

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