Will Sony Sell Its Entertainment Assets?

Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel

With a myriad of box office flubs, two massive failed universes and no small degree of public embarrassments, Sony’s film division has not impressed in the last decade. Now, according to reports from Deadline, Sony’s Kaz Hirai will step down as chief executive and will be replaced by chief financial officer Kenichiro Yoshida, which caused speculation that Sony’s entertainment assets are up for sale. One has to wonder at the state of Amy Pascal’s zeal for the ill-advised Spider-verse now. To her credit, one that perhaps belongs to something closer to hubris than resilience, Kennedy has contested that a separate Sony-backed Spider-Man will happen in the face of every controversy that plagued the studio in recent years.

Under new management, insiders speculate that many of Sony’s film and TV assets (including Spider-Man) may be up for grabs. Reports suggest that Yoshida believes (smartly in my opinion) that the company should cling to its only confirmed strength: technology.

Electronics will drive the company from here on out, not entertainment, an industry Yoshida is reportedly not particularly keen on. Still, this year’s Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle was a massive hit for the studio, and as of now, all the evidence suggests that Sony will still go forward with its Sony Marvel Universe, which will start with Venom later on in October. Sable & Black is still scheduled for a March 5 shoot date and, of course, Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse is still slated for a Dec. 14 release.

If Sony aims to sell off its entertainment assets to another company, then we expect the change to be gradual rather than a dramatic overhaul. Disney may slowly take full control of Spider-Man’s live-action rights and perhaps several other properties as well.

Does news that the studio that greenlit, produced, and released The Emoji Movie is potentially throwing in its hat excite you? Let us know in the comments.

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