Smoke And Sacrifice Physical Switch Release Confirmed

Physical release arriving.
Physical release arriving. Curve Digital

Smoke and Sacrifice revealed that physical copies are releasing for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders for physical copies of Smoke and Sacrifice will open on January 9 exclusively at

Smoke and Sacrifice is a narrative-driven open-world RPG where the key to survival is to exploit living ecosystems. This huge open world lets players craft, fight, survive, and, explore. In addition, this gothic adventure has been beautifully hand-painted and is filled with characters that have their own story to tell.

The game focuses on Sachi, who lives in the one small region of fertile land in a world that has been turned into a frozen hellscape. The world's failed sun has lost its light and has been replaced with the blazing Sun Tree. It is devotion to this Sun Tree that has resulted in Sachi's farming community being able to thrive.

After sacrificing her firstborn child to the Sun Tree, Sachi discovers that under what appears to be an aura of priestly benevolence lies a darker secret. The question now is if Sachi is going to discover the truth of this secret world or die in the swirling and deadly smoke. Sachi truly has the odds stacked against her and must challenge strange creatures with every step. There's also the ever-looming smoke that's waiting to steal life and memory.

The Super Rare edition includes a 20 page full color manual, interior artwork, and an exclusive sticker. It also comes packed with three trading cards randomly selected from a five-card set.

Pre-orders for Smoke and Sacrifice begin on January 9, but it isn't a long wait after that. Copies should begin shipping on January 13. Act fast if you want to secure your own physical release of Smoke and Sacrifice, as Super Rare Games' website says only 5,000 copies total have been made. Pre-orders will cost $32.90.

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