SMITE: Update 9.12 Welcomes Players to Odin's Onslaught

Update 9.12
Update 9.12 Twitter/@SMITEGame

SMITE, the third-person MOBA developed by Titan Forge Games, has a new game mode courtesy of Update 9.12.

Odin’s Onslaught is a new 10-player game mode in SMITE where five teams of two will face off against each other in fun and engaging combat. The team who gets to the 35,000 gold threshold first wins the match.

This game mode features four unique and picturesque places, such as Alfheim, Jotunheim, Midgard, and Naströnd.

Game Flow

So, how does one play Odin’s Onslaught? Well, players will begin in one of the five bases on the outer edges of the map. Essentially, each team must defeat the jungle camps as much as possible to gain gold. Additionally, teams must complete three objectives before the final phase can begin.

Three Norns have to be cleared to summon Níðhöggr and then players must defeat the mini-boss Níðhöggr, which drops a Scale Capture. Acquiring it will change the capture locations on the map. The entire process is then repeated one last time.

Titan Forge Games has banned certain gods and items in Odin’s Onslaught due to technical issues or clear gameplay advantages. They are:

Banned Gods

  • Aphrodite
  • Cliodhna
  • Jormungandr
  • Janus
  • Jing Wei
  • Morrigan
  • Heimdallr
  • Persephone

Banned Items

  • Hand of the Gods
  • Eye of the Jungle
  • Protector of the Jungle
  • Seer of the Jungle
  • Teleport Fragment
  • Greater Teleport Fragment
  • Heroic Teleport
  • Persistent Teleport
Jungle Camps
  • All Jungle Buffs Stack with each other
  • All Jungle camps have a buff holder that drops a single buff, including the Norns
Marked Objectives
  • Norns, Bosses, and Capture Points are all marked with a waypoint indicator (Blue Circle Outlined around the camp)
  • These must be slain/completed in order to move to the next round of objectives, although Jungle Camps will consistently respawn and players are free to win the game without completing these objectives if they choose.
Health Orbs
  • These heal you and nearby teammates within a 60 unit radius for 15% on initial burst plus 2% each tick for a duration of 10 seconds
Valkyrie Fountains
  • You recover mana and can shop in the Valkyrie Fountains throughout the map. There are 10 in total, marked by a Valkyrie statue and a blue aura. Unlike normal fountains, you do not recover health here.
Dynamic Respawns
  • Dynamic respawns grant temporary invulnerability until you leave the Valkyrie Fountain you spawned in or they expire after 10 seconds
  • Any team can spawn at these areas
  • Recalling is disabled

So, what can you say about the new game mode in SMITE Update 9.12?

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