SMITE: Upcoming Crossover Event Brings Exclusive VShojo Skins and Bundles

Update 10.5 Titan Forge Games

Titan Forge Games is set to release a massive new update for SMITE tomorrow, May 16. Update 10.5 will mark the beginning of the VShojo Crossover event where you have a chance of getting exclusive skins and bundles inspired by the amazing talents of VShojo.

VShojo is a VTuber company based in San Francisco whose mission is to help VTubers (Virtual YouTubers) turn something they love into an enjoyable profession through collaboration and tech innovation.

That said, Update 10.5 will be bringing six new VShojo-themed skins for you to collect:

  • Vei Nu Wa
  • Ironmouse Persephone
  • Nyanners Serqet
  • Silvervale Skadi
  • Kson Nemesis
  • Apricot Izanami
Apricot Izanami Skin Titan Forge Games

Aside from the aforementioned skins, two bundles are up for grabs which you can buy directly from the store or roll from the VShojo chest. They are:

  • VShojo Jump Stamp
  • Zentreya Global Emote
  • Sakura Level Up
  • Vshojo Global Emote
  • Apricot and Skulls Death Mark
  • Pals Jump Stamp
  • VShojo Music Theme
  • Gamer Girl Loading Frame
  • Bubi Ward
Silvervale Skadi Titan Forge Games

Take note that just like in previous crossover events, collecting all of the items from this event will award you something special: the exclusive VShojo cosmetic bundle!

Additional HUD Changes

Titan Forge Games has already started overhauling the game's HUD in a previous update. However, Update 10.5 will be bringing additional improvements, especially for console users.

For instance, you can now use your controller's D-Pad to navigate between the filter list, item list, and inventory on the Console Item Store. You can even jump between shortcut store filters, such as Offensive, Defensive, and Utility with the use of your controller's bumper buttons!

You can find the other HUD improvements and bug fixes coming in Update 10.5 below:

  • Made the background more opaque for the Scoreboard, the PC VGS list, and all other pop up screens for better readability
  • Fixed an issue where the Minimap and other element opacity was resetting when users re-entered the HUD editor page
  • Fixed an issue where Reset All wasn't resetting opacity of elements after applying
  • Console Item Store entire UI element is now larger for better visibility from a distance
  • Console Ability Screen and Ability Pop Ups have increased font size
  • Fixed more issues regarding the HUD editor moving multiple elements at once, not saving opacity settings properly, and not resetting edits properly
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD editor menu would relocate to an unintended spot after applying a change
  • Fixed an issue where the Updated and Classic HUD options text was not localized properly to all languages
  • Fixed issues where Chang'e and Ratatoskr had difficulty purchasing items on the new HUD while out of base
  • Fixed an issue where the item shop display options weren't saving between games
  • Fixed an issue where HUD Health Bars on Gods, Jungle Camps, and Towers were not scaling with 4k monitor resolution

SMITE Update 10.5 will be available tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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