SMITE: New God Ix Chel the Light Weaver Has Arrived in Update 10.4

Update 10.4
Update 10.4 Titan Forge Games

Ix Chel the Lightweaver is the latest god to grace the third-person MOBA SMITE in Update 10.4.

New God

Ix Chel is the latest mage in SMITE. Players who use her for the first time will notice an icon that sits just above her portrait. This can light up to six colors with her passive ability, Rainbow Weaver. Every time she hits an enemy god or provides a beneficial effect to her allies, she gains one color of the rainbow. When she obtains all of them, her next basic attack increases in size, gains no movement penalty, and deals bonus damage based on 40% of her magical power.

Her first ability is called Gleaming Blast. She fires a blast of gleaming light in front of her that deals damage, pierces minions, and stops on the first enemy god hit. This ability allows her to clear jungle camps and destroy minions because it deals 40% more damage to these enemies.

Now, if she hits an enemy god with Gleaming Blast, this ability turns into Threads of Light. When used, Ix Chel weaves together strands of light that fully illuminate after a short delay, damaging enemies in their path. Threads of Light has two different properties. Enemies facing the strands as they illuminate are blinded for one second. Furthermore, enemies at the tip of the field, where all the strands converge, take bonus damage. Upon using Threads of Light once, it turns back into Gleaming Blast and the cooldown begins.

Update 10.4
Update 10.4 Titan Forge Games

Ix Chel can also provide some healing to her allies with Lunar Invocation. She marks an area on the ground, invoking it with lunar energy. After a short delay, energy explodes knocking enemies up and dealing damage while healing allies in the process.

Rainbow Crash is another ability with different effects depending on who gets hit. Ix Chel sends an arcing, weaved rainbow toward a location while gaining a boost in movement speed. Upon landing, the rainbow not only deals damage but roots enemies as well. On top of that, the rainbow will split into smaller orbs of light. Ix Chel and her allies can pick these orbs up, increasing their movement speed by 20% for three seconds.

Her ultimate ability is called Great End. Ix Chel channels all of her energy into a single intense beam of light. This beam deals damage to enemies and heals allies every 0.2 seconds for three seconds, increasing in duration (up to a maximum of six seconds) if Ix Chel can do both at the same time.

Based on her kit, Ix Chel has the potential to be one of the top gods in SMITE due to her ability to deal incredible damage, especially for those who can maximize her passive, on top of providing support to her allies. Because of her kit, enemies will likely need to go full force just to take her down.

So, what can you say about the Ix Chel the Lightweaver in SMITE Update 10.4?

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