SMITE: Update 10.3 Features Much-Needed HUD Overhaul

Update 10.3
Update 10.3 Twitter/@SMITEGame

Titan Forge Games is set to release a new patch for SMITE tomorrow and it’s pretty huge. One of the main highlights of Update 10.3 is the HUD improvements, so read further to learn more.

HUD Updates Inbound

The company has done a full rework of the game’s heads-up display (HUD) in Update 10.3, with notable changes to the art, engineering, and design of SMITE.

During gameplay, players may notice that the cooldown visuals on abilities and relics have improved. The company also added a new kill feed element, which will tell players more information about what killed them.

The item shop in SMITE now looks better as well. Console players will be stoked to find out that the item shop on the platform is now the same as on the PC version. Another significant improvement is that players can now include multiple filters at once. This change is very useful, especially for those who only want to see items that match their specific criteria.

According to Titan Forge Games, the HUD overhaul is to give SMITE ’s gameplay HUD a more modern look. But more importantly, the company wants to provide a better experience to all players, particularly those who are playing on consoles.

Here’s a rundown of the HUD changes in the upcoming patch:

Item Shop
  • Improved Glyph Purchase Flow
  • More item filters: Healing Reduction, Healing Bolstering
Scoreboard (Tab Screen)
  • Gold Fury and Fire Giant Kill Tracking
  • Kill Bounty Tracking
  • Killstreak Tracking
  • Improved Player Stats Preview when selecting the God Portrait
Death Recap
  • New Death Recap Screen Layout to better highlight who killed you and how.
  • Breakdown of Damage by sources, and types.
  • Displaying CC Effects, and their source
  • Individual scrolling per enemy god
Ability Summary (K Screen)
  • Ability Description Scrolling
  • Redefined all abilities to have a specific “Ability Type” that clarifies the core features of the ability.
HUD Editor
  • Full Console Support
  • Ability to Preview Your Change
  • More HUD elements will be individually editable
  • Additional HUD Element Options (Horizontal/Vertical Allied and Enemy God Picture)
HUD Skins
  • Equipped HUD Skins will temporarily display default HUD art instead of the skinned art.
  • Existing HUD Skins will be updated in the future to display on the new HUD. These will be described in Update notes as they become available.
  • This also means new HUD Skins will be possible!

So, what can you say about the HUD improvements in Update 10.3?

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