The Slormancer: Latest Update Adds Game's Final Story Arc and More

The Royal Update Part II Slormite Studios

The epic conclusion of The Slormancer is here! Slormite Studios launched The Royal Update Part II recently, which added the final story act. Act 5 is composed of six new missions that culminate into a boss fight worthy of the finale.

The company also implemented some significant changes to the game. For one, the level cap has been raised to 80. Furthermore, The Slormancer now has loadouts, a highly requested feature accessible by clicking on the big dresser next to the Storage Area. With this, players can create different builds and switch between them quickly and easily.

Some tweaks have been made to improve the newbies' playing experience as well. When players acquire their first Slorm Reaper, talking to Pr. Geranium grants them a new legendary item called "Pr. Geranium's Amulet of Stimulation." This thing is designed to quickly use freshly looted Slorm Reapers when equipped.

Additionally, players must talk to Pedro, the Gravedigger after completing the third mission to get a new legendary item, the Signet Ring of the McRippeds. This item grants a useful skill that acts like a potion.

Patch Notes


  • The Great Forge
    • You no longer have to wait for every enemy of a Wave to die before triggering the next one.
    • Instead, you now only have to wait for the Wave to spawn before triggering the next one.
    • Limitations:
      • Up to 5 Waves can be active at once.
      • You won't be able to trigger a new Wave if 300 or more enemies are currently alive.
    • At the start of The Great Forge, you will now be offered with a new choice that will impact the spawn rate of the rest of the Expedition. You will now be able to open up to 6 Spawn Locations (instead of 2), thus increasing the spawn rate by up to 200%.
    • Increasing the spawn rate has an Elder Slorm cost tied to it.
  • Legendary Reinforcement
    • Legendary Effects can no longer benefit from Reinforcement Levels above 15.
    • It leaves a decent room to upgrade Equipment without allowing players to completely bypass any form of challenge or difficulty by upgrading some Legendary Effects to infinity and beyond.
    • Soul Eating Mantle now reads: Damage over Time effects and Channeled Skills deal Additional Damage equal to 1% (+0.2% per Level) of the enemy's Max Life per second (instead of "per tick").
  • Runes
    • Activation Rune of Hagan:
      • Activation Rune of Hagan now triggers after 20 Ancestral Strikes instead of 12.
      • Activation Rune of Hagan now reads:
      • After you've dealt Ancestral Strike Damage 20 times (and up to 1 Ancestral Strike per second), you trigger your Effect Rune.
    • Rune of the Nimble Warrior now grants (at max rank):
      • 45% Critical Strike Damage (instead of 75%)
      • 150% Ancestral Strike Damage (instead of 225%)
      • 45% Primary Skill Damage (instead of 75%)
    • Enhancement Rune of Hagan now grants (at max rank):
      • 180% Increased Effects (instead of 300%).
      • 150% Constraint (instead of 225%)

So, will you finish the main campaign of The Slormancer soon?

The Slormancer: The Royal Update Part II is available on PC.

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