The Slormancer: Hotfix 0.4.6b Resolves Performance Issues Caused by Certain Skills

The Slormancer
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Have you experienced slowdowns while playing The Slormancer lately? The game has been plagued with performance issues caused by some skills. So, Slormite Studios addressed these with the release of Hotfix 0.4.6b, now available for download.

Ray of Obliteration and Vindictive Slam are two skills that may lead to frame rate drops in The Slormancer. Vindictive Slam, in particular, may cause the game to freeze for a moment when triggered multiple times during the same frame.

To fix this, there is now a small delay between Vindictive Slams, so that they no longer fall at the same time. Additionally, Vindictive Slam can no longer be triggered on enemies that are already targeted by the Vindictive Slam Hammer.

Another skill that can “obliterate” smooth performance is the Ray of Obliteration. The skill itself is ok, but the problem arises when it is used by your Arcane Clones. To prevent this from happening again, the range of Ray of Obliteration is reduced by 25% when cast by Arcane Clones.

Patch Notes

  • The Great Forge
    • War Chest Quantity is now properly additive with Goldus and Slorm Quantity instead of being multiplicative. The correct values were displayed on the War Chest UI but incorrectly calculated at the moment of looting, resulting in large differences between both values.
    • You now need to unlock The Slorm Temple to unlock The Great Forge.
    • A Single Obelisk should no longer prevent you from opening your War Chest.
    • The Curse based on Reapersmith Spirit should now properly work.
    • The Cataclysm "Gravity" should now be properly working in The Great Forge.
    • The Cataclysm "To Each His Own" should now be properly working in The Great Forge.
    • The Cataclysm "Tenacious" should no longer always grant 100% Tenacity regardless of its rarity.
  • Reaper Runes
    • There were rounding issues with Activation Runes and they should now display their proper Activation Condition.
  • The Mighty Knight
    • Fast Rebound can no longer be upgraded above its Max Upgrade rank.
    • Deflect and other visual FXs should now remain centered when Whirlwind is active.
  • The Fierce Huntress
    • Traps + Gravity Belt should no longer stop heavier enemies from moving inside The Great Forge.
    • Fist of the Wild + Volatile Hurricane should now spread properly on enemies out of the screen.
  • Slorm Reapers
    • Reaper of Vindictive Slam now displays the proper Per Level upgrades.
    • Damage from Vindictive Slam is now properly affected by Slorm Reaper Affinity (they were in the tooltip, not ingame).
    • Reaper of the Temple Keeper: The Mini-Keeper should now properly follow your orders, including inside The Slorm Temple.
    • Reaper of Necromancy/Reaper of Temple Keeper: you should no longer have to resummon minions every time you start a new floor.

The full list of bug fixes can be found on Steam.

The Slormancer Hotfix 0.4.6b is available on PC.

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