The Slormancer Hotfix 0.4.6: Game Balancing and Performance Tweaks

The Slormancer Hotfix 0.4.6
The Slormancer Hotfix 0.4.6 Steam

Thanks to today’s Hotfix, The Slormancer will have fewer problems than before, as developers fixed several issues, including the ones related to performance.

The developers removed the option to pick “Obelisk as a Challenge Choice” if you have it active already. You won’t be able to pick it anymore, even if it’s allied or hostile. Not only that, but also the chance to get “Obelisks as Challenge Choices” have dropped by 30%.

Tweaks for Performance Issues

The Great Forge will cause issues because of the enemies present inside it. So, it will be quite laggy in high Wrath Levels. The developers suggested some settings to improve your game experience as follows:

  • Hide Gathered Slorm: Disabled
  • Display Enemy Life Bar: Never
  • Disable Hero Damage: Never
  • Display Combo Meter: Never
  • Display Goldus/XP/Mana/Life/State Texts: Disabled
  • Display Debuff Icons: Disabled
  • In Settings: Low FX: Enabled

The Slormancer Hotfix 0.4.6

  • The chance to get Greater Rewards inside The Great Forge diminishes every time you pick a Greater Reward. The Greater Reward from Well-Deserved Rest remains guaranteed.
  • War Chest Quality and War Chest Quantity base rates have been halved.
  • Rewards with a "Rest of the Run" duration have been increased by +100%.
  • Rewards for "Attrition Battle" have been increased by 300%.
The Great Forge Changes
  • The War Chest now drops Loot much faster.
  • Goldus and Fragments from Items looted by the War Chest that are being filtered and converted are now immediately added to your Inventory instead of being looted.
  • The War Chest can no longer be opened while in Combat.
  • Obelisks are no longer affected by Cataclysms.
  • Reaper of Necromancy should now properly grant the correct amount of Life to your Squire.
  • Enhancement Rune of Hagan and Enhancement Rune of Beigarth should now properly work.
  • Reaper Effect should now properly be increased by your Slorm Reaper Affinity.
  • The Greater Reward: "The total of every loot inside your War Chest is immediately increased by your current War Chest Quality." now properly only increases flat values, and not % Quality or Quantity.
  • Multiple Memory Leaks and FPS-related issues were found and fixed. This includes issues with Rain of Arrows and various Cataclysms such as Floor is Lava or Replicant. Various parts were changed along the way that should result in FPS improvements everywhere in the game.
  • The "Low FX" setting hides new resource-heavy effects that were previously ignored.

You can read more about the update here.

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