The Slormancer Resolves Issues with Critical Strike Triggers and More in Hotfix 0.4.19

The Slormancer
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Are you playing the 2D action RPG, The Slormancer? If so, do you feel that your critical strikes are lacking something, say, additional effects? Well, the thing is that some effects that should be triggered by your critical strikes were not triggering properly back then, especially when the damage comes from indirect sources (or those from your primary, secondary, or support skills). Fortunately, this particular issue has been resolved in Hotfix 0.4.19.

In this update, effects that should be triggered by any critical strike damage dealt by you should now work as intended, whether it came from direct or indirect sources. This is true for the following:

  • The Mighty Knight: Building a Wall (Gain a Block Stack)
  • The Fierce Huntress: Free Membership (Reduces Finesse's Cooldown)
  • The Fierce Huntress: Golden Strikes (Chance to loot Goldus)
  • The Mischievous Mage: Shut Down (Silence Enemies)
  • Attributes: Fury 45 (Increases Primary Skill Attack Speed)
  • Attributes: Determination 15 (Increases Life on Hit)
  • Attributes: Bravery 30 (Removes Strider Stacks)
  • Reapers: Ancient Ancestral Legacy Reaper (Grants Ancient Legacy stacks)
  • Legendary: Gazloka's Conquest (Grants Conquest Stacks)

The above-mentioned effects cannot be triggered by the minions under your control, however.

Aside from that, Slorm Reapers have received some adjustments. For those who don’t know, Slorm Reapers are unique and priceless weapons that you can loot just by playing The Slormancer. They provide powerful effects and can eventually evolve into a greater form once they’re leveled up. Anyway, the Primordial Reaper of the Sleepy Butterfly no longer increases the cooldown of your Ancestral Legacy skills. Furthermore, the Primordial Reaper of the Goldfish now properly denies greater traits only.

Update Highlights

  • Doing one of the optional missions in The Graveyard should no longer unlock Mission 12 "Undeads only live Twice"
  • Missions requiring the player to find an Emblem can now be properly redone
Act III Boss
  • The seal in front of Alarin, while he casts, should now be easier to see
  • The seal that needs to be activated should more easy to spot as well
  • You can no longer hide in the corners of the room to avoid the Multi-Projectile attack
Ancestral Legacy
  • Burning Rage now properly displays a visual effect on enemies
  • Enemies hit by Burning Rage now properly engage the player
  • Walking Bomb's Damage is now properly affected by Area Increased Effect
  • Lightning Arks should now properly target an enemy nearby and not the same enemy
  • Lightning Rod's tooltip should now display the correct value
  • Twitching Warp should no longer let you move out of bounds

The Slormancer Hotfix 0.4.19 is available on PC.

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