Skul: The Hero Slayer Update 1.3.1: Improved VFX and Bug Fixes

Skul: The Hero Slayer
Skul: The Hero Slayer Steam/SouthPAW Games

Skul: The Hero Slayer, recently got an update that improved VFX and fixed bugs. Some of these VFX issues impacted overall gameplay, however, the update should resolve these problems, which came from the previous game version.

An issue where the Adventurer Warrior would cancel casting and use his special ability when hit by another player has been resolved. This issue was quite annoying as it could cancel the special move and you had to wait for its cooldown.

Skul: The Hero Slayer Update 1.3.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the achievements could never be achieved with The King, Overload, or Saviour
  • Fixed bug where Saviour’s skill "Macbeth" would call upon 3 Macbeths
  • Fixed bug where The King would get the same skill when talking to Dark Priest
  • Fixed bug where the treasure chest animation would not properly start when opening the chest with The King
  • Fixed bug where walking animation would not change when The King acquires a random scroll
  • Fixed bug where Overload’s skill "Heaven-Earth Slam" would deal much higher damage than normal
  • Fixed bug where some projectiles from certain skills would deal damage at incorrect locations
  • Fixed bug where the required number of hits to destroy the Kobold’s "gold vein" and Naias "ice flower" would be much higher than normal
  • Fixed bug where the player could not jump down when transforming into Harpy
  • Fixed bug where spear attack would occasionally switch its direction when activating Centauros
  • Fixed bug where the damage reducing effect would not properly be applied when activating Ogre
  • Fixed bug where Max HP would increase when transforming into Slime
  • Fixed bug where the status icon would show as Demonomicon when acquiring Kobold
  • Fixed bug where the generation rate of the gold vein was incorrect when killing enemies with Kobold
  • Fixed bug where Phantom’s skill "Phantom Magic" would deal when using other kinds of dodge buffs
  • Fixed bug where the attack from the Magic Tech Turret would occasionally affect much lower hit than normal
  • Fixed bug where Flame Dragon’s attacking effects would not match its VFX in time
  • Fixed bug where Ifrit’s effect "Firestorm" would have much more hits than normal
  • Fixed bug where Spinks’s effect "Poison Gas Trap" would show its VFX at incorrect locations
Other Bugs
  • Fixed bug where Magical Slime would not randomly duplicate items when rescuing it
  • Fixed bug where the gunpowder cart would not explode when bumping into Dang-Ka People in Dang-Ka Knight Map
  • Fixed bug where the minimap would not properly show in Dark Market
  • Fixed bug where Adventurer Warrior would cancel the casting and use his special move when attacked by the player


Grave Digger
  • Reset y-axis move as 0 when using skills in the air with different levels of Grave Digger
  • Fixed problem where the player would not find spirits when entering maps and preparing for switching different levels of Grave Digger
The King
  • Changed VFX for [Wave of Denial]
  • Changed VFX for [Blood Sword]

You can read more about the update here.

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