Skul: The Hero Slayer Patch 1.7.3 Introduces Three New Items, Rebalances Existing Ones

Patch 1.7.3
Patch 1.7.3 Twitter/@HeroSkul

Developer SouthPAW Games released Patch 1.7.3 for its 2D action roguelite Skul: The Hero Slayer recently and introduced three new items.

The first item is the Golden Wand. Every 100 Gold you spend increases your magic attack by 1%, which stacks up to 70%!

The second one is called the Prohibited Book. This item is interesting because it changes into the Demonomicon after you’ve obtained 500 pages of the book. You get a page every time you deal damage to an enemy with the skill.

And finally, the Grace of Leonia is a new item that grants a 15-HP barrier every 30 seconds. While the barrier is active, your magic attack is increased by 50%. Furthermore, a barrage of orbs shoots out and attacks nearby enemies every five seconds, dealing magic damage.

Patch 1.7.3 buffed some existing items as well. For example, the Invisible Knife in Skul: The Hero Slayer has gotten better with this weapon now having a critical strike chance of 10% and a higher magical damage. Equip this on a Skull that has innately fast attack speed like the King for maximum effect!

Patch Notes

  • Ceremonial Dagger
    • Increased crit rate: 5% > 10%
  • Victory Baton
    • Increased Magic Attack: 70% > 85%
  • Fragments of Sun Wagon
    • Increased the size and damage of the trail of fire
    • Increased the trail of fires chance to inflict burn: 8% > 10%
  • Charred Jamadhar
    • Increased the chance of basic attacks inflicting burn on enemies: 10% > 15%
    • Increased the damage of additional Magic damage
  • Aftershock
    • New effect: Stunning an enemy increases skill cooldown speed by 60% for 5 seconds.
  • Sphere of Sniping
    • Adjusted the magic arrows to now penetrate enemies
    • Increased the damage of magic arrows
    • Reduced the preparation time for magic arrows
  • Magical Choker
    • Increased the damage of magic projectiles
    • Reduced the preparation time for magic projectiles
  • Burning Scripture
    • New effect: Increase Magic attack by 30%
  • Mana Gauntlets
    • Adjusted Magic attack increase duration time: 2 seconds > 3 seconds
    • Adjusted Magic attack increase rate from basic attacks: 3% > 5%
    • Adjusted max Magic attack increase rate: 60% > 75%
  • Holy Footsteps
    • Adjusted skill cooldown speed rate after dashing: 5% > 10%
    • Adjusted the max Magic attack increase rate when fully stacking the item effect: 60% > 70%
  • Arch Bishop's Scriptures
    • Adjusted the item rarity: Unique > Legendary
    • Increased the duration time of punishment but decreased its size
    • Item effect changes
    • Upon using a skill, punish a nearby enemy to deal Magic damage. (Cooldown: 30 seconds) The punishment moves toward a nearby enemy, and enemies hit by it receive 10% more amplified Magic damage for 10 seconds. (Maximum 50%)
  • Dark Priest Robe
    • New effect: Crit Rate increases by 30% while the barrier is activated

So, what can you say about the new items introduced in Skul: The Hero Slayer Patch 1.7.3?

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